LOTRO Players News Episode 221: Great Pants

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This week we began our review of the Mordor expansion by reviewing Udûn.

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Update 21.2 Build #2

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(Udun Review)

  • Epic Quest Epic Finale
  • Udun Landscape
  • Udun mobs
  • Black Book Chapter 1
  • Quests
  • Light and Shadow
  • Crafting

[Note – Allegiances will be saved for a later region.]


LOTRO Players News

The Family Line


New Player Question


Here’s a new old player question, especially apropos for Pineleaf and Teriadwyn (particularly given one of her highlights from this week): How do you keep from burning out?




  • Warden Meledhriel is level 71 in Dunland, still working on Volume 3.
  • Completed Baggins’ Birthday on FOUR characters. Also finally put the Udun book in my house.



  • Dusted off my level 23 hunter to see if I could remember how to play it. Let’s just say Sans would be disappointed in me (either that or laughing hysterically). 🙂
  • Created a minstrel out of curiosity and found that I am way too entertained by the glowy hands.
  • Continued to level up my champ in Moria



  • Ran some epic battles with PLOI. It was a lot of fun and I learned more about the different roles and how they could be useful. We also tried a T2 Throne of the Dread Terror raid with only 9 people.
  • Took my beorning questing in Ered Luin with the field trip. OP furball is OP and it was fun running around as a bear.
  • Worked on the LIs of my Aria’d RK, then I was persuaded to stay for dinner with some Morroval twins on Bullroarer.



  • Glordriel has completed her fourth allegiance and got an AWESOME reward!
  • Went questing with PLOI several times in the week, Epic Battles was the outstanding winner! My first time doing 6-man EBs, Pelargir and Hammer of Underworld
  • Sans and I put our toes into the new 3-man and the Morroval Twins kept killing us (the sister sounds like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle!)


  • Received a tome set of Vitality on my Gladden warden. Between that and recently joining a kin there, I’m beginning to think it’s time to actually play there more regularly.
  • On Landroval, I completed the Udun pages on two different characters.
  • During the Field Trip, I learned the location of “To Avert a War.” Then we managed to get the bow while running “Rescue by Moonlight.”


News Beyond LOTRO



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Featured Comments

Marmi left a comment on last week’s episode:

Concerning new player question.

If you are VIP then all 5 slots for virtues are unlocked (for characters logged while VIP). Otherwise only 2 (if I recall correctly) are unlocked, the rest must be bought in store. Virtues itself doesn’t require paying to slot them (you can buy them in store so they have higher tier though).

As soon as you earn in game (or buy) a virtue you can slot it (assuming you have free slot or replace another). It doesn’t depend on race, class or anything. However you can’t slot a virtue which you have only thanks to gear, for example lootbox jewellery. For example a ring can give you +3 patience and if you don’t have that virtue earned (at least level 1) then you can’t slot it. There are no other limitations.

Did you try to slot virtue even if it’s greyed out? Just drag it to slot, it should work. If it doesn’t work I suggest making a ticket about it.

As for why some virtues are greyed I have no idea…


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One comment

  1. I was lost through the whole episode. Felt like I traveled back in time.

    As far as grading Udun… I’d give the landscape an A, quests a C because of the repeating of flag quests, C for not being intuitive since it’s best to skip some of the quests and go to Durthang and Anglach last… Overall score: C+

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