Mordor 21.1: T2C builds

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Unless you want to run some old t2c instances on level 115 these builds aren’t something you would need right now when we only have new landscape and crafting instances that don’t have t2 penetration, but like I said in the article about best available gear, I do not like having landscape builds and always build for t2c, so I can have less swaps. The less I have the happier I am. I said I would soon have the captain done and let’s say I do. So let’s see the three classes I got ready for t2c: Minstrel, Warden and Captain. I have another 3, but since two of those are tactical and one is a Guardian, I’ll just wait untill I see if tactical classes get fixed and the Legendary Items get scaled dps.

Keep in mind that I do understand that these may not be the best builds for the future instances (or at all), but we have to start from somewhere and this is what I will be tweaking if needed. Also, this article will be showing you the numbers that you can achieve, not the individual items and traits how to achieve those.


Stat caps


The stat caps I’ll provide here are only for t2 builds.

Light armour mitigations: 62,160

Medium armour mitigations: 70,618

Heavy amour mitigations: 77,840

The following have only t1 caps.

Critical rating: 71,000

Incoming healing: 68,000

Outgoing healing: 282,940

For more of the stat caps you can visit Dadi’s website.


The plug-in used to show the stats is Titan Bars. Please keep in mind that the plug-in is outdated and is not showing correct percentages and caps.




This was my old build, from the last article.


And this is the new one with some tweaks.


I only build the healing line on Minstrel seriously, don’t really care too much about dps so I will not be providing my stats for a dps build. I only have a few half decent swaps for questing and that’s it. Some swaps for getting finesse higher for distracts.

I have opened many lootboxes on my minstrel and still didn’t get shoulders higher than 309. I have a 310 Mordor landscape drop shield, would be very happy if I could get the 315, but those offhand items are very rare and they don’t drop only for your class. So I really hope that metalsmith gets some shield recipes very soon. Another downside on the Mordor mini build is that we can’t have finesse which was very helpful before when removing corruptions and interrupting, but healing comes first. We’ll see what we will be able to do after instances come.




DPS Warden


Warden dps is in a pretty bad place right now. From my 105 raid build I went up around 20,000 mastery, went down in critical rating and have less % in finesse. Further reasons are the bad legacies. A warden is using a lot of stat legacies and these don’t do much right now. We also lost the armour sets which gave more DoTs and stronger bleeds. Bad crafted relics applies to all the classes, not only Wardens. These are too low right now that you don’t even worry if you are going to slot them or not.

You could consider using two pieces of 105 gear from Osgiliath to get additional two DoT pulses, but… You lose a lot. I lost around 30,000 mastery, around 6,000 armour, which reflects on both mitigations, 6,000 morale and gained 1,600 critical rating for a 0,4% increase. My Warden is also using the Essence of Physicality on the class item, which if you don’t use you can slot critical rating.

Tank warden


A disclaimer for the tanking warden build though… This build is missing five essences. Remains to be seen if I will be using vitality essences or incoming healing essences. This will depend on what morale will be needed for tanking the new instances. The good thing about Wardens is that the maximum morale isn’t always what you can see in your morale pool, but morale pool + Never Surrender. This is good if there aren’t many hits that could bring you too low.




DPS/Support Captain


Tank Captain


A disclaimer for Captain too… Captain is using some landscape drops level 309 and some Rare chest drops level 314 and 323. These are the mitigations jewelry pieces that you can not really barter anywhere and they are pretty good, but you lose some vitality and might. I also still need to get some teal shield, right now I have only a purple one to use untill I get something better. Mordor landscape has a great Captain shield with Outgoing healing for a stat if you play a blue Captain or even for tanking if bpe is not a thing for that fight.

You may want to build your Captain for more dps. This is possible, but there isn’t much wiggle room. If you drop some mitigation essences you can get more critical rating or physical mastery in. As a dps you should probably be fine if you are not overcapped, but I like to play the captain as a support class, not dps. Captain can actually do some decent dps, especially with the LI buff to physical classes, so it’s just a matter of preference.


What gear was used in these examples


The gear used in these examples, with only a few exceptions, is the gear that I have described in my previous article. So please check that one out. The essences used are the Shadowed essences, except for incoming healing on Captain, since those give the same number all across the board. Using stat essences was “the old way” and now if you are going for the dps build you will be going with mastery essences, since those give almost double the mastery of stat essences. I would love if this stayed like it was before, that the stat essences give more mastery. The reason I liked that and the reason I like that vitality is good now is because stats always influence more stats than the raw increase to morale for example.


If there are any questions, I’d love to answer them or to see some other builds and hear some thoughts and suggestions, so feel free to write in with any of those.


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