LOTRO Players News Episode 218: Delivering the Stinking Mail


This week we interviewed Gildoin and The Dwarrow Scholar about the upcoming Harnkegger Games.

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– What’s new about the games this year?

– How can people join the games?


– Is there a minimum level you need to compete in some of these events?

– The games are held on Laurelin, an RP server, what about people that don’t have a lore appropriate name.

– How can people stay up to date about the games?


LOTRO Players News

Mordor 21.1: Best available gear

The Family Line Part 150 – Reunion



New Player Question

Can you run in multiple trait lines at once, or once you pick a line that’s the only one you can invest in?




  • Went into Fil Gashan for the first time. Walking around disguised as orcs was highly entertaining.
  • Joined two different allegiances on my two eligible alts. I haven’t actually started the quests yet, but I’m looking forward to them.
  • Discovered a Draigoch impersonator I really want to attack… and took out a few elite master trolls a few times because they were there.



  • Glordriel completed her second allegiance (Dwarves) and began her hobbit allegiance.
  • Tinnfang Warble may or may not have achieved level cap by getting completely sloshed in Bree (High Elves need their very own drunk singing)
  • Meyvan the LM ran around the rest of Udun with Teri, Sans, Coltyn the Warden and Morfindiel the captain. Almost ready to head for Dor Amarth, still an issue with signal flags to attended. u



  • Landroval!Teri has more or less finished Udun (got the book!), and completed the first chapter of the Black Book of Mordor! Her new off-hand makes her look lopsided, though.
  • Warden Meledhriel finished Volume 2 through book 6, skipped ahead to do all of Mirkwood and is now on Volume 3 at level 65.
  • Ran around the Shire with OP furball Sparebear questing with Mom’s hobbit burglar. She kept complaining I was killing stuff too fast (I was using auto-attack).



  • Had a lot of real life stuff go on, so no LOTRO for me


Dwarrow Scholar

  • Harnkegger Prep (surprise!)
  • Did some Mordor quest with Gil and some of our DF friends – and discovered some well hidden dwarves



  • Crick warden skirmishes with my kin. T1 at 115 is still a bit tougher than T3 at 105.
  • Laurelin warden freed a prisoner who stole an artifact
  • Landy warden joined Tinnfang, Sans, and Cyndars in helping dwarves in Dor Amarth


News Beyond LOTRO

The Road Goes Ever On For Adventures In Middle-earth PDF Out

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Orc Tales Trailer


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Rick Peat writes:

I try to listen to your podcast each week when I get home.  It is sometimes informative, but often is focused on levels beyond my characters.  Are you aware of any guides, video or otherwise, that focus on the various classes at mid-levels?  Most of the ones I see are very old and no longer applicable.  Has the community moved on?  I still see a lot of characters running around the various areas so I know we are out there, but I see almost no guides at all.


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  1. Of course there will be better gear with instances and raids. That’s why I said this is best *available* gear and I specifically wrote the update version in the title.

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