LOTRO Players News Episode 217: One Rusty Knife??!!


This week we discussed update 21.1 and our week in LOTRO.

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Update 21.1

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LOTRO Players News

Mordor: Update 21.1

[CC] Mordor dailies and how to unlock

The Family Line Part 149 – Home



New Player Question

What are the forced emote skills for each class and what do they do? Or, does every class have a forced emote skill and what are they?




  • Created my first “serious” high elf, Athreniel, after the update, discovered that baby champion high elves are still outclassed by every other class at level 1. /sigh
  • Welldressed attended the Farmer’s Faire and earned the goat, which required a new outfit.
  • Landroval!Teriadwyn is up to level 109! Did the fortress at Durthang and was completely blown away by the story. 2 pages left for the Udun book.



  • Saw the fulfillment of my RK’s prophecy from Galadriel earlier today!A
  • Went RT hunting with Teri and Cyndars, earning Cyndars her first first-age LI. Unfortunately for Sans, they were all grey.  
  • Earned 2 starlit crystals from the Farmers Faire. Also got a horse and a goat for Sans, but she’s out of outfit slots.
  • Sanswinda became well-preserved and then leveled again and can buy stuff for ash, finally.
  • Discovered the Skirmish tutorial is not very easy at level 108. WAY too many deflects, evades, and avoidances.



  • Glordriel is ALL TEAL, except for the gold ring that she is flaunting and she has completed all her books and is at Level 22 of her second allegiance
  • Tinnfang Warble, the HE minstrel, went treasure caching with PLOI and then Udun questing with Sans, Pine and Cindars, plus he completed his Udun book, so almost ready to move to the next region
  • Meyvan the LM has hit eleventy-one and is still hanging around Udun with the gang
  • Moochie and Maevenn the hobbit have been running the Farmer’s Fairs (the hobbits are way too sober and players don’t need to check ALL THREE CRATES OF APPLES!!!).Tinnfang also got introduced to the party-goers of Bywater.
  • Did the featured instance at 115 …. A big MEH



  • My hunter completed the end of Chapter 1 of the Black Book. This is when I learned that the artifact is different for each class.
  • My hunter reached Lhingris and things are not getting *much* tougher.
  • My main warden worked to finish up Dor Ararth. I was coming to what I thought would be the end and I get the message says that I unlocked a new slayer deed. What?
  • My captain witnessed the fall of a Black Gate.


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