LOTRO Players News Episode 216: Sanswinda Desensitization Project

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This week we discussed our recent adventures in LOTRO.

Game News

LOTRO Servers will be down on Monday from 8:00 to 12:00 for an update to the game.

Mysteries of the Ghâshghurm is currently closed due to a bug preventing completion.


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New Player Question

If my dwarf/hobbit lost the race, what might make it impossible to get the consolation prize?




  • Summer Festival questing with Welldressed, who’s not entirely sure why the hobbit quest-giver is upset about his /fountain skills. He had good luck on his first day at the races, however.
  • Warden Meledhriel has moved on to Zelem-Melek questing in Moria, and did the level 58 class quest. OP warden vs Nameless of Foundations of Stone was no contest.



  • Glordriel completed her first allegiance, started her second, gotten all lore books but one, and met some surprising people in the swamp
  • Meyvan ran Udun with Sans and a couple of other crazy people (with Teri on for a while), tried to take on the huge troll by Durthang, no luck
  • Meyvan participated in the Sanswinda Desensitization Project with the raiding kin we are allied with. She’ll have to say whether it worked or not.



  • Helped run lowbies to Barad Dur with Grrlz.
  • Walked through a mysterious door with my nephew at level 7.
  • Introduced my sister to Udun.



  • Burned some underwater orcs. That must be some powerful fire.
  • My warden reached 115 while was disguised as an orc.
  • Participated in my first skirm raid since the update. You get 105 rewards at 115,


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  1. Braag /

    Here is a tip for your nephew that you may not have considered. I believe he could’ve used the /stuck command to port out of Mordor without the ignominy of a death. Saving 45 minutes of time. Or at least 44 🙂 after the one minute wait.
    Cheers, Braag of Vilya!

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