LOTRO Players News Episode 215: Maven the Master Mangler

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This week we discussed release notes for update 21.0.2 and our weeks in LOTRO.

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Update 21.0.2

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New Player Question

Any advice for advancing virtues?




  • Overachiever Glordriel complete her 2nd lore book, got to level 18 in her allegiance, and reached Honoured rep level,
  • She also completed the Fausham Resolution, even though the instance glitched out the first time. I had to cancel the quest chain, which meant I had to run around and re-neutral my standing on both sides in order to open the instance again.
  • She has also dressed up as an orc and wandered around among the arena audience in Thorzhaf (only got caught 3 or 4 times), fought the champions in the arena and is now known as Master Mangler. Started in Naerband till I got tired of dying (will have to go back).  Also started in Arganaith.



  • Accidentally reset all of my virtues, so that’s been interesting
  • Worked on leveling my champion– ran Trouble in Tuckborough and still managed to get lost



  • I helped my sister get her first LI. It was interesting.
  • Sanswinda on Landroval got her 3 missing ports! (Arnach, the War-stead, and Udun Foothold)
  • Got squished on my aria’d RK and ran the toughest featured instance run I can remember.



  • Fun with High Elves! Welldressed made it to level 15, got his surname and started the Bolshoi Theatre kinship. Also created Downwithbears and Greyistheshadow Uponmyheart.
  • Landroval!Teriadwyn is up to level 106, still a long way to go with Mordor quests.
  • Continued with my warden Meledhriel in Moria, up to halfway through the Fanged Pit quests.



  • My warden found the perfect spear but I wasn’t able to reach it.
  • Spent time looking for the cisterns in Mordor
  • In my warden series, I am learning how underdeveloped my other wardens are


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  1. blandur /

    re the comment about having a hard time finding things in Naerband spamming the delete key: go to key mapping options and bind a key to ”select previous item” and you will be able to toggle through any objects within range.

  2. Anyone have any more info about the new T11 food? I’m not finding any issues on my cook. The new food seems much better going from T10 to T11. The only change I’m see right now is Crams are scaling up to match the new T11 food (with a much shorter duration).

    • Thimbur /

      I think what was meant is SSG nerfed the T10 food. So the new T11 doesn’t look that good when compared to the old T10

      Seven-star stew Before Mordor
      +1216 in-combat power regen
      +1665 in-combat Morale regen
      +12474 non-combat Morale regen
      +3630 non-combat power regen

      After Mordor
      +520 in-combat Power regen
      +711 in-combat Morale regen
      +6275 non-combat Morle regen
      +3630 non-combar power regen

      • Bragenthorne /

        Thanks Thimbur

        Tier 10 Anorian player made goods were reduced, in half give or more in some cases.

        Tier 11 Doomfold stats are still much lower than the original Tier Anorian goods, before the Mordor update and set a little bit higher than current Tier 10.

        I understand we will get other gear and boosts, just seems non-linear in a linear game.

  3. Anyone have any updates on the T11 Food mentioned in the podcast? I looked at my cook and the T11 looks much better than the T10 (yum). The only thing I see that changed was the crams are scaled up to T11 (with a shorter duration).

  4. Bragenthorne /

    Unfortunately food was not the only nerf, Bow chants are changed, I would believe
    that shield spikes, and other class consumables are changed as well. Battle and Warding Scrolls?

    There are things I like about the new content but we did not need a nerf to balance their bad decision making. Maybe some folks smarter than me can confirm my findings.

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