Fushaum Bal: A short guide to your quest deed

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This is one region I didn’t like one bit while testing it on Bullroarer and I don’t like it now when playing through the content on live. Maybe you won’t mind as much, but I like to have all my reputations maxed and this region doesn’t let you get away with it easily. What is the problem? The problem is that there are two factions – Fushaum Bal North and Fushaum Bal South. When finishing a quest for one you gain reputation for them, but lose for the other camp. So, how do you go around with this?

If you never used reputation accelerators before, now is the time. While questing here you will be gaining double the reputation, while only losing the normal un-accelerated amount.

First of all, how do you start this? You start as an enemy, I believe. As an enemy you will have only landscape quests available – killing a certain amount of enemies on each side, burning towers, burning tents, etc. Once you do these, you will get to the reputation of an outsider. Outsider has more quests unlocked you can get from the bosses of each camp. The maximum standing is neutral and once you reach it more quests will become available from these bosses.

I also like to pick up and do all the quest and turn them all in, but I do not suggest that.  If you are at maximum standing with one faction (neutral) then don’t keep turning in quests with it, lowering down their opposing side. Go turn in quests for the other side as well, then go back, etc. There is no need to lower the reputation of the other side if you are not gaining anything on the side you’re on.

Once you have finished all the quests at least once, find the quest that only gives you positive reputation – like Feeding the Nurnhoth – and do that one to max the reputation with one side. Then go to the other side and find out what their positive reputation quest without the negative one is and then max that side. It may require some repetition of the quest, but c’est la vie.

Only after you are done with this process you can continue to finishing the Fushaum Bal Resolution and advancing the quest chain. Good luck.


  1. Barnabras /

    Is there an advantage to gaining max rep with both sides? Because there is no way I’ll do this grind if there is no reward to.

    • Arred /

      It’s just the completionist in me and the slight OCD. But it can be done reaching neutral with one and then the other. Nothing special to gain from having both. Just need to remember to do all quests once.

      • Barnabras /

        Finished last night, I didn’t need to do all the quest to complete the instance. Running a squishy, and boy was that instance hard.

      • Arred /

        To finish the instance you don’t need them. But you will need them to finish the quest deed for the region. Or hope some of the repeatables count.

  2. Maven /

    You have to reach neutral standing on both side to complete the Fushaum Resolution, which rewards a chunk of allegiance points. Since those allegiance point rewards are few and far between, that makes it worth the grind for me.

    • Arred /

      Yes, but either by design or by some bug it seems that you do not have to reach neutral at once. It seems to be enough to hit neutral with one side, then the other. It’s just that I like it more to have them all maxed.

  3. Thank you very much for the guide and tipps, so I invested just one afternoon and not more 🙂

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