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Since you’re probably used to my longer articles by now I didn’t want to post only a picture of the Meta deed mount and be done with it, so I waited a little bit for the first patch to go live. Must have something to complain about. πŸ™‚

Before I start the complaining, let’s see this mount I speak of.


I was very surprised by the mount. At first disappointed, but later got used to it and learned to like it. For a moment when I received it I wrote a ticket because I didn’t get the gear to equip on my war steed. But the “gear” was there. All the gear is actually a hide. There is no gear on it, it’s just a mutated Agarnaith horse, hence the name The rescued steed of Agarnaith. I ride it now in both versions, war steed and regular mount and I named mine Groot.


The patch notes you can read here.

Probably one of the best changes is the cooldown on a travel skill to Allegiance halls, which I spoke about in the last article. The issue was that one quest could take you several hours if you didn’t have hurried traveler bought. The skills have now been renamed and their cooldown is on 5 minutes.

Did I find something to complain about? Well, of course I did.

While fixing one of the daily quests it seems like one in Lhingris has been broken – Trapping the trackers. It remains to be seen after I pick it up again will it be working and was there something that required for it to be picked up again. But while I was able to do it the day before (I didn’t finish it), when I went back after the patch I wasn’t able to do anything to advance the quest.

Some things getting broken in the process everyone should be able to understand. It’s an expansion and there will be some fixes in shorter intervals than usual. But what I do mind is that SSG has never stopped rolling out some hidden changes to the game. Some are more important, some less. But I think we should be made aware of them at least and not play explorers, detectives or what not. In the past floors have been changed, the spider queen in Big Battle Glittering caves was moved a little bit back to not aggro with its adds, in Defence of Minas Tirith the first spawn of soldiers that attack was moved by several seconds, in the Wastes a ramp was added in one of the crafting instaces so that we can go back to start if needed, and one of those hidden ones for now is that the crafted item that was giving you Allegiance Points has been changed to not give 2000, but 1000 AP.

I want to remind you once again that you can finish the introduction to all the Allegiances, it doesn’t have to be just one. If you do this, once you open the crafting instances the optional quests for each allegiance become available. With these you will be able to earn 2000 AP untill you finish the chapter 7 of the Allegiance. Once you finish chapter 7 the quest for that Allegiance becomes unavailable. So, if you hold back of getting that cloak, you can earn more AP and finish the other 3 Allegiances faster or you can earn 2000 fewer points with each chapter 7 you finish. I still didn’t hear back from MoL if this is intended or just a glitch in the matrix.

There is a small complaint I have about the access to Allegiances and crafting dailies. To do this you need to do all of the content, which is no small feat when we’re talking about an expansion with 5 regions. You need to finish the Epic Book, which is a small feat, so I guess those two cancel each other out. And then you need to finish the Black Book of Mordor. This looks very similar to Minas Tirith deeds for trait points and very unfriendly for people with alts who would like to do the instances eventually.

The lava AoE reach in Anglach has been reduced, but the same effect while questing in Dor Amarth remains. We will be taking damage on at least 3 obsidian nodes. They may have tought that in Udun we still do not have enough morale, but by the time we get here we should be able to live through it? I don’t mind it, just not sure if it’s intended.

One of the signs we are supposed to find isn’t really in the marked quest area, so you may want to be aware of that too.


And this item has also been fixed.

























Another bad news for Beornings. The might cloak is heavy armour.



  1. Marmi /

    Yay, you admit they did/fixed something good πŸ™‚
    From what I can see people don’t complain much about expansion itself, some are even surprised it isn’t bugged as bad as they expected (or less bugged than previous updates). Prices are another matter, but for me it’s same price as I always buy basic one (I can’t afford fancy editions πŸ™‚
    As of hidden changes, it annoys me too. That was always the case (well, at least since 5 years) and I was even making a list of those for a while (obviously incomplete :). I was even wondering what’s with this ramp in ToT, I thought I just didn’t noticed it earlier… A while ago I’ve seen an answer about hidden changes from dev, he said those are usually changes made by 1 dev as side/after hours work who didn’t pass that info to person publishing release notes, but they are not hidden intentionally (or sth like that). Not very professional imo, but oh well, better have that fixes without notes than not having them.
    Pocket item is fixed, but only for those who don’t have it already afaik.
    I also noticed they made changes to armour like never before: light/medium/heavy class have now same armour class rating and as we can see here cloaks are now light/medium/heavy instead of all light armour. This is weird imho, beorns can’t use proper cloak because of that…
    Another change with Mordor you didn’t mention is that it looks like we get much less Lotro points while playing it: no LP for first tier slayer deeds, explorer deeds etc. That’s understandable imo though, we can get enough in other regions, they probably were too generous at start.

    • Arred /

      Honestly, I did not notice the lack of LP since I was anyway doing the deeds to get the steed and to clear the deed log. So, since I’m not doing them to get LP I was unaware of this.
      Yes, I couldn’t check the old pocket since I think I destroyed it on my main character. There’s just too much loot and drops even after all bag spaces bought to keep something broken.

      A while ago, even before I was on the site, I got this message from Cordovan: Usually changes don’t make it into the notes because they weren’t specifically called out by the dev doing the work, so “some minor adjustments to Epic Battle Defence…” might be in the changelist, but not get called out specifically in the notes. Sometimes it’s a halo of a different change. Sometimes the changelist note was marked improperly (say, put into a past or future update in the notation of the changelist.)

      About the expansion bugs… It’s maybe not bugged, but it has its problems. It feels very much unfinished. Again, linke in the Wastes, some crafting is broken – scholars can’t make essences (I read this, didn’t check), metlasmith can’t make shields, but can make chisels and rifflers. A lot of the quests are not intuitive. Nothing send you back to do something or tells you where to continue. Many people do not know after you finish Seregost the statue there will give you an aditional quest and you can enter it again using it, etc.

    • Marmi /

      Small correction: you can /bug your pocket item. Upon login next day I got proper version in mail. I could even ash my bugged one πŸ™‚
      Also light/medium/heavy armour have now different armour class rating (I guess after last patch).
      Scholars can’t make essences, this is evidently a bug still not patched. I didn’t see shield recipes either but that can be intended, we’ll see.
      I like that new content is somewhat challenging or at least not trivial. This is good change imo. Trying to reach rare chests in 115 camps at level 110-111 for example πŸ™‚

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