LOTRO Players News Episode 214: If Angmar and Rohan Had a Baby


This week we discuss our first steps into Mordor.

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LOTRO Academy: 144 – Vol. 2 Review Pt. 1

The Family Line Part 146 – Once More to Avardin

Pineleaf’s Video on the Rangers Walk into Mordor


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  • Overachiever Glordriel is now 113, Finished Udun (including all the pages), deep into Dar Amarth, and also ready to venture into two other areas
  • Meyvan the LM also got to Mordor in company with Sans and Teri, with LIs are topped off
  • Started my soon to be whooshed High Elf Minstrel, only to remember that one cannot take a break during the intro (grrrr)



  • Wasn’t able to play this week



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn finished Epic Volume 4.
  • Level 7 baby burg went to level 105, left the Wastes behind to learn to be a productive burglar first.
  • Deleted placeholder for High Elf champion, rolled Welldressed and did the High Elf intro.



  • Crickhollow warden reached 107 and killed many an orc in the early parts of Mordor
  • On Landroval, joined Sanswinda on a trek through the early parts of Mordor
  • Finish my Gondor series with a little jewelry malfunction


News Beyond LOTRO

Adventures in Middle-earth: Eaves of Mirkwood and Loremaster’s Screen


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  1. Tomeoric /

    I think you’ve failed to mention something quite astounding. SSG has pulled off what could be considered as one of the greatest long cons in gaming history. After 10 years of epic quests, fighting, grinding, picking up trash and dirty dishes, and carting items and messages from one end of middle earth to the other – SSG rewards you with… a giant lump of coal. That’s right, for your efforts over 10 years, here’s a giant piece of petrified fellbeast poop. As a bonus, you also get the “troll new player” emote so just like SSG, you can continue to troll and promote trolling of players for the rest of the game’s lifespan. And finally, let’s not forget, a whooping 5 LPs. Bravo /clap… thanks SSG, you got us real good.

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