LOTRO Players News Episode 212: The Emperor’s New Armor


This week we discussed the newest build on Bullroarer and had a guest.

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Bullroarer Build 5

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New Player Question

How do you transfer or copy characters over to Bullroarer?





  • Went on Bullroarer and made a High Elf Champion.
  • Ran all over Middle-Earth in Bullroarer: visited Minas Tirith and jumped off of the Prow twice (once mounted, once not), ran around the Cape of Belfalas Housing Areas (tried swimming out to the boat), and tried to enter Meduseld but it was not open to visitors.
  • I tried the “dance3” emote on the High Elf and ended up literally dancing until the break of dawn.



  • Spent my week in Bullroarer mainly. Kept checking for three weeks if Gimli’s instance became available and finally finished it today.
  • Met a remnant of a certain very bad guy. He was a little bit bugged, having his arms spread. All I could think of was the 2 songs: I believe I can fly and My heart will go on.
  • Leveled a crafting alt through Forochel.
  • Got reminded of some great monsters there: Wight that summons an ice armour around itself; Gauradan that summons the wulf once it spawns if it was killed, instead of spawning together.
  • Still not a fan of the fog bug there.



  • Leveled a captain to 39 and decided it wasn’t exactly the easiest class to speed level. It has been fun to play though.
  • Got lost in Mirkwood looking for remembrances under the evil fortress… Yes, it is possible to fall to your death in Mirkwood…
  • Went questing in Tal Methedras on an elf. It was humorous. Poor hamsters.



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn got her Return to Haerondir.
  • Led the field trip through Thadur on level 20-somethings, watched everyone else level up.
  • Warden on Landroval progressed a little further in Volume 1, did the one quest required to unlock the travel to the other side of the ice bay of Forochel.



  • Participated in a very smooth Thadúr run (obviously it wasn’t my doing)
  • During a T3 SF run of Battle in the Tower, we ran into an anxious Forest-born Reaver
  • Introduced Corey at the Exploring Middle-earth session this week at Arkenstone


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Shelob Makes Her Debut


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Featured Comments

Merryrose Morningsong left a comment on last week’s episode:

I laughed hard through last week’s episode. But this episode had me smiling and periodically gasping for breath from laughing so hard. The offhand comments were side splitting and the vision I have in my head of the field trip to Mordor keeps me in stitches. I’ve listened to the podcast twice already and probably will listen to it again. Thanks! 🙂


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