What’s behind Mordoor 6.2 – Before the door opens- Prepare for the new


Where 6.1 focusses on making getting rid of the old. Not everything old will be bad. In 6.2 we’ll give you some tips on what to keep or even get more of.  We’ll focus on items and character traits in this article since gear will all be replaced (*A bug in beta #4 with Ettenmoors scaling might invalidate this).

Gear (*bug beta #4)
I’ve told you to get rid of all minor and medium 105 stuff, but I’ve to make a tiny caveat for raid and the top-tier essences. Currently, a 105 with the best gear available that is scaled from 105 to 115 in the Ettenmoors will have more stats than an 115. While I fully expect this to be patched it might not be ready for launch in 2 weeks. They can’t just lower all scaling for 105’s since that would hurt everyone else a lot.

Class skill points
Speaking of things that won’t go away. If you don’t have 83 (or 82 poor bears) this is one of the best things to spend your remaining time on.  More points are more skills and stats that you will take with you in Mordor. While I could write an entire article about how to find which skill point you’re missing. I’ll focus on a few pointers starting the ones you’ll most likely miss
For a full list of available trait point – https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Class_Trait_Point

    1. Final area quests – West Rohan and Central Gondor – Open completed quest log (alphabetical), Open area (Kingstead) in here sorted first by level. Missing it? Check the quest chain on the specific area going reverse level order. Most people miss these
      1. Broad acres
      2. Pelagrir
      3. The road to Dunharrow
    2. Final quest and deed for Minas Tirith
    3. Osgiligath instance chain ashes and stars (see 1. pointers)
    4. Epic quests in Minas Tirith or Moria
    5. Old class, reputation or big battles
    6. Are you 105 yet?

Coming in second are your virtues. While the increase from 19 to 20 won’t be that hard to fill. But are they already 19? And will the 5 you’ve now be the 5 you’ll take into Mordor? One is easy to confirm if they aren’t 19 yet you can improve your character by finishing the deeds now since you’re playtime is gonna be filled soon in Mordor. Check https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Category:Virtues for a full overview or which deeds give the virtue you want.

The start of easy, any deed before Moria will be easy to finish. So if you haven’t done those. With this done you should be looking at 10 or so. Exploration deeds fall in the same category. You can skip pretty much all level 100 slayer deeds since these will take a lot of time.
Double check with your class skill points. If you’re gonna be questing in Rohan those 200 orcs might just be 50 in the end. Easier than those 150 remaining dunlending in isengard.
After this, you’ll still have some that won’t be 19. Don’t start at number 1, but make a little list of possible ones. You might not want to do those 200 spiders in Moria, but what if you’re also doing kegrim and beasts in Skumfill. Double the deeds for half the price. As well check the numbers you have already done. 50 signature trolls in central gondor will be quicker than 200 orcs in West Gondor.

The 5 you got now might not be the ones you want. Edit: Currently there are no straight  + % virtues in the game. This might be a fix for SSG, but as they are now virtues at launch wont be a major improvement (A virtue with pure +x stat might be worth less than a + x %. The time is too short and it’s not clear what the final gear will be in Mordor. But it is a thing to keep in mind.)

Legendary weapon and class item
The imbuement system has worked so far and it will continue to work in Mordor. All that extra item experience, scrolls, and legacies will remain with you beyond 105.  The increase in Mordor will be manageable if you’re LI is already done for now. But if it isn’t, this is a great time to get on it since a lot of the items you already need now will increase in price a lot pretty soon. Get your anfalas crystals (of remembrance), scrolls of empowerment and legacies before you regret not doing it sooner. More on this in article 6.3

Finish any T2 challenge content
Your gear will the best it will be for the foreseeable future. So finish those hard and challenging max level deeds and quest before Mordor. At 115 you will need a lot more of everything to cap your mitigations etc. All non-scalable like Lang Rhuven or Tower of Orthanc will become easier since you’ll evade more. But that won’t count for things that scale like Ost Dunhoth or Silent street. Tier 1 and 2 will be easier, but challenges will only be available at 115. How hard we’ll have to see, but it won’t be easier probably.


  1. “A virtue with pure +x stat might be worth less than a + x %.”

    There are no virtue traits that offer a percentage increase to any stats. With the stat explosion coming at levels 106-115, virtue traits will be practically worthless, even at rank 20. Unless Turbine comes up with a non-linear way to scale them in the few days, I wouldn’t waste time on virtues.

    • Squirle /

      I’ll probably have to rephrase that yes. Memory really thought that MIT’s we’re % based compared to main stats. Doubt it will be meaningless in the future, but yes at launch I’m wrong.


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