Antipodean Writer: Fingolfin’s Fall: The Elves’ Lament


Fingolfin vs Melkor

The elves lament. They still sing of that day
Fingolfin rode alone to Angband. Say:
Of what they sing. What do the elves recall
Of what the High King made before his fall?
By what strange paths, by what fey-madness sent
High King Fingolfin to the place he went?

Elves sing of how Fingolfin rode alone
Over the plain. With dire wrath his eyes shone
Revengeful in defeat. For all his elves
Had died, or fled trying to save themselves
To fight another day. But then their king
Seeing the battle lost, prudence did fling
Aside, seeing all planning come to nought
He sought no more to live and danger sought –
Daring what none had dared: up to Angband
To ride his steed over the Gasping Sand.
No orc him hindered. None stood in his way:
Recoiling from his eyes that blazing fey
Like twin stars shine like the eyes of Valar.
Perhaps Oromë, from some hunt afar
Was riding up to Angband’s very gates?
Fingolfin came. Impatiently he waits
Not long to wind his bugled challenge forth:
To duel to death the Dark Lord in the north
Unless he’s craven, hiding cowardly
Safe underground. Thus Fingolfin rashly
Hazards his all, uncaring flings away
All chance at life upon that fateful day.

Then Morgoth comes. They duel. Fingolfin falls –
As fall he must. But none from Angband’s halls
Witness the combat: as upon their face
They quake with fear. For they heard the disgrace
Their master suffered: seven times he screams
As Ringil’s blade drew Valar blood. It seems
Angband wavers about them and must fall:
Except Morgoth an end puts to it all.
And so it ends: Fingolfin lying dead
Crushed underfoot by Morgoth’s foot that bled
From a last wound. Valé High Elven King!

Such are the songs that the Noldori sing
About Fingolfin. Within every heart
His deeds recall, though even yet the smart
Remains from all the losses they’ve sustained
Since first the shores of Middle Earth they gained.

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  1. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Epic scene! My imagination takes me far , would be epic at big screen!
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