LOTRO Players News Episode 210: A Grimm Beginning


This week we discussed High Elves and Sleeping Beauty.

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  • Discovered High Elves can do Russian ballet, plans are being made for a High Elf champion dance troupe…
  • Got caught up on quests in Noman-Lands and Dagorlad, then opened the fellowship resource instances.
  • Arkenstone newbies got to level 20s-ish and did their skirmish tutorials.



  • My usual Friday Throne of Dread Terror run was spectacular! Best ever. Done in under 2 hours. And only wiped once, which doesn’t really count because the last person died just as the boss went down and we got credit!
  • Went with my Irony and Spite pals to farm the first boss in Silent Street, but all I got was a bunch of rocks
  • Farmed the festival in preparation for getting my imbued weapons topped off when Mordor comes out



  • Finished my champion series at episode eleventy-one with a skirmish
  • Started a captain for a new video series
  • Decided to see what would happen if I went to the north side of Tarlang’s Crown.


News Beyond LOTRO

Warner Brothers And Tolkien Estate Settle $80 Million Lawsuit

Adventures in Middle-earth 5E – Rhovanion Region Guide Now Available


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  1. Draculetta /

    Speaking as lead director of the site – I must say I have to give to thumbs up for the Sleeping Beauty and Grimm Fairy Tale talk! I was laughing the whole time, and was shocked that Pineleaf let it go that far off the rails.. 🙂

    But seriously, this was a great episode one and all…

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