What’s behind Mordoor 4 -The flamingo – A high-elf short review


The high-elfs are here in their own unique zone. I say zone as in it’s not a classical starting zone. You won’t fight any level 1 boars or carry pies. It more of an interactive movie where you see plenty of big names from lotr and a lot of probably big names i’d have to get the Silmarillion out for. No major spoilers included

I don’t want to carry pies, i’m a high elf
Lots of discussion was made about the lore and high elfs and how they would fit into the current Third age. Starting at a higher level like Wow’s demonhunter or death knight was an option or just get a normal starter area like the Beorning. SSG did their expect the unexpected trademark move and went with both. Just not in a way that leaves both camps fully satisfied.

An introduction worthy of a high elf
You start of as a scaled 110 fighting along the First alliance in Mordor. A lot less introduction to lotro regarding skills or hand holding then the other intro’s. You jump right into the action and it feels like a great play-along story moment.  After some mishaps you end up in Rivendell being pandered by elves and you gather your old gear to fight a new battle.

A sequel like we know
Turns out that sequel to the  story is the battle against goblins in the vineyards of Celondim again. I’ve only played till level 8, but my expectations are that your leveling will be the same.

The flamingo penetrating shot animation

Old inside, refreshed outside
So while lotro will remain the same. Your own character will do some things differently. The high-elf race itself has a lot of new things.

  1. New racial that are far better then others. A revive, a out of combat run speed and extra damage traits. You will actually have to choose which 5 to use.
  2. New looks. Its still an elf, but is different
  3. New animations. So far i’ve seen a new jump animation and a riding animation. And my hunter has a new penetrating shot animation

Preview conclusion
Overall from the short impression. Its a nice addition to the game. But it’s more of a beorning sized update minus the class. It won’t make me reroll a character on day 1 instead of heading into Mordor with my 105. But i’ll probably make a new character after that. It being a store-unlock makes it a very weird middle ground since new players or premium players won’t get it depending on how many LP’s it will cost.

It’s as much content as you’d expect for a new race. On a scale of Archet to Grimbeorn starting area i’d put it more east towards our bear friends though.
Part of Vip or Mordor expansion score – B
A seperate purchase C to D depending on x LP’s

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