What’s behind Mordoor 3 – Sorry we’re not home

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We came, we saw and we started to slowly conquer Mordor. The gates have been opened and pineleafs were spotted as with a gazillion orcs and weird cows. But when we looked for some things there was an under construction sign. Sauron wasn’t home anymore. What else wasn’t there yet?

Based on bullroarer U21 beta #1 and the preview stream by Cordovan we know that some things won’t be available in this beta build which is fine. But what about the final update when it comes up on our servers. Curious what is in U21 so far? Best write-up i’ve seen so far without major spoilers is from a bearded minstrel 

A free for all high elf race
The new high elf race not be free. Every class released after 2007 was a paid one and we never had a new race before. Yet somehow this feels like a missed chance (not Thomas).  A race feels so basic in gameplay it doesn’t warrant an unlock to me. It’s the one gameplay part of the expansion that is available to all levels and players. And now it won’t be. Having a ton of new, existing or returning players starting a new character could really bring a big boost to Eriador and future sales as well.
Missing rating – 8/10 – Hurts now and in the future as well

No better fix?

A new raid and old raid loot changes
The new raid is gonna be released at a later date. Nothing new there. Reasoning being they don’t want people rushing the content to get to the raid. We’ll survive that. Lets assume it will be like Throne and we’ll get it about 2 months later. I’m just thinking the raid wasnt done yet to be released for U21.0.
On the other side we’ve the current raids. Some run it for fun, some for the deeds. Yet the 3rd reason is loot. But it’s old and grey you say. Yet some set bonuses are so important that people will take a piece of old iron over the shiny new stuff. Oathbreaker resets, barrage focus costs or water lore for LM’s are such a big boost in utility and dps that you’re forced to use them for the harder challenges. Is this a good thing? Probably not. But instead of fixing the set bonuses. Make them unusable by tagging a maximum level on the armour.
Missing rating – 3/10 (if released in 2 months)
Added rating – 6/10 Good intent, bad implement

Delayed group content
During the preview stream it was casually mentioned that the 3 and 6 man instances would be added on a later date. Just plainly not done yet. An expansion without grouped content? I’m really hoping that this is just a few weeks after the release and not months. We’ve found mentions of a resource instance in Barad Dur in the beta. Lets hope 1+1 isn’t that.
Missing rating – 1/10 to 10/10 depending on time and quality

If you’re not above 1,50 meter you can’t be pretty (yet)
Another thing that won’t be done yet for Mordor. The character model revamp for half of your characters. At release only the human and elfs will be getting a cosmetic makeover. Hobbits, dwarfs and beorning in bear form aren’t tall in enough to get into that rollercoaster. Again a time/work/schedule issue for SSG that will be released at a later date. Now people will all ally themself with the pretty races. Dwarfs need a lot of help as well.
Missing rating – 2/10 – Quality over quantity makes this a low priority for me

Speaking of Beornings
Are the 8 lines in the patchnotes really the animated fix for beornings? 3 buffs, 3 I don’t use that skill, 1 nerf/fix and 1 what does that even mean hardly seem good enough to streamline the bear into a shape it’s supposed to be in. A perfect trick pony for that specific boss or pvmp heal beacon isn’t the only thing we want to be. Help us dream of bright futures were our cubs can tank or dps when we want to.
Missing rating – 9/10 – Hugely biased here

As the trend continues Pvmp updates are coming later in a sub patch of U21. Combine that with creep interest from developers in general. Mordor will be creeping in at number 2 for worst place to be in for a creep with the Ettenmoors towering above Barad Dur for a while.
Missing rating – Creeps are pretty low on expectations and missing support.

Orc to hobbit: Go back to the greens you came from! Hobbit says, no i want challenge
Mordor is gonna be a difficult place to be in. Higher stats, harder hits and harder shadows to fight will be contained in Mordor itself. The hopes i made in Mordoor 2 have come out, but as i feared it’s limited to content above 105. SSG hasnt gone back with the update to make it possible to have challenge in Eriador or Rhovanion yet.  And how will that intersection be of a 108 character not in Mordor (boosted stats on gear), but fighting 110 mobs in a skirmish or warg pens (boosted damage)?
Missing rating – Can’t miss what wasnt there yet, but a missed chance for sure

The biggest missing thing – the 10/10
Gotten through all the depressing news, looking for a light of Earendil (that’s not build in an armour piece. Here it is. The biggest missing thing.

Mordor on the live server. The content, area and looks of the area feel great. The leveling in the area with the shadow of war debuff is challenging. You wanted Mordors, you ‘re getting Mordors. And if you’re playing in the beta. You will never trust doors again after you get stuck a few times when they will let you in and not out.
Missing rating 10/10 – We want Mordors

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