What’s behind Mordoor number 1


With the first bullroarer build for Update 21  aka Mordor on the shiny slag coloured horizon it’s time to run the gauntlet of what will be in it. This first article will focus on what is expected and a short comment on each regarding new information or rumours we’ve been teased with.  In this series we’ll keep you updated with new information and discuss possible implications or hopes.

Revamped character models for each race
One of the first things i expect to be in the beta build #1 is the new character models. Any visual change involves a job for the artists and #D modellers. These changes involve more work then a “simple” change of some 1 and 0’s with how much damage a skill does. We’ve seen hardly any information or teasers so far though. In a stream it has been confirmed that they do want this change in beta as early as possible. Worst case, we can disable it if it turns out really bad.

A new race, the high elf.
Not alot is known about the intro area, screenshots, art or origin so far. But we do know it will feature extra possible classes that a normal elf won’t have. Best bets are on a Noldor like elf that has a warden or captain.

New level cap
Pretty short and easy. New level cap confirmed. But will it be 5, 10 or an extra 15 levels even. Current ingame mobs could reach level 120 during a buggy scaled instance. So most people assume level 115. 5 is too little, 10 might even be depending on the size and difference they want to make with Mordor. Secretly hoping for level 120 myself.

New gear
With new levels come great resposibility. For that we need better pew pews and shing shings. We know that there will be a large increase in damage on the mordor side with the statement that green will be the new teal. Expect to discard your hard earned gear. But we don’t know how big a difference there will be. So don’t throw your essences out with the bathwater just yet.
During the anniversary stream it was said that we’d get some less essence focussed gear. I expect that the standard armour will have 2 essence slots instead of 4.

New damage/rating system
Part of the increased difficulty in Mordor has been a rebuild rating system that determines everything under the hood. How much damage is prevented, how much crit you will have or even how much damage the mobs will do to you. We’ve had a sneak peek with the No raid week they introduced with update 20.x. Giving the mobs beyond level 105 some ridiculous buffs.

In a seperate article i’ll discuss the new rating system due to it’s length and a good mix of hopes and fears.

Current systems and instances
Besides new updates lotro has a lot of older systems. Some have been forgotten or are just in maintenance mode like skirmishes. And some are still being updated. The devil is in the details for these things, so we’ll have to wait to see the actual beta build on bullroarer. For now just the questions we’ve got.
What will happen to throne of the dread terror? Is it a 105 only raid like the rift, will it be 105-1xx or will it be a update to the new max level only?
What will happen to Featured instance and their gear? The instances will scale as they always do, but what will happen to the new gear. Could be a great source to start Mordor with.
What will  happen to the current max  level set items in Pelennor and Osgiligath? Will they turn into legacy 105 or will they change to max level as well?
Will we get updated Big battle drops or scaled instance?
New crafting tier?

Mentions made or we know won’t be in first beta build such a epic quest, but article is long enough so i’ll make a short list of the comments i’ve found in the last few weeks or , wow this is a really long title.

  1. Most of Mordor will be after the One ring is destroyed (Anniversary stream)
  2. What happens after the ring is destroyed, future content (mentions by early comments)
  3. New raid there, but will be in update 21+ (blue post on the main forum)
  4. Allegiance system (old article that hinted at this)
  5. Minas morgul? It’s right there
  6. Chicken run to Mount doom. You know you want it

What are you most excited about, or would like to focus on the most while we iron out the bugs and wait for the release to come? Let us know.

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