LOTRO Players News Episode 206: Update 20 Review


This week we review Update 20: The Battle of the Black Gate.

Game News

LOTRO Hox Fix to reduce most instance mobs to 105 max

Note that Cordovan recommends that you save those scraps of paper

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The Family Line 138: The Missing Lynx

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Update 20 Review

Spoiler Warning

Epic Story Line

End Spoiler Warning

Side Quests


Resource Instances

Reputation Factions




Aerindys – I

Maven – C

Pineleaf – C+

Sanswinda – B-

Camuril – B


New Player Question

Does crafting become vital at any point in the game? If so, when? Can you play LOTRO all the way through without doing any crafting at all?





  • Ran a new level 5 hunter to Rivendell twice on stream, got past Gloin’s camp the 2nd time.
  • Ran Carn Dum and Urugarth with the Grrlz. No trips to the day spa, but I did take a dip in lava.
  • Sat on the throne in Meduseld again to the dismay of my human and elf companions.



  • Ran Carn Dum and Urugarth with the Grrlz; I had no idea how BIG that instance was!
  • Ran a few skirmish duos on my lowbie hunter with a friend (including Gondoman for the first time!)
  • Worked on leveling through Moria on my champ



  • Ran an emergency Barad Guldur raid with Gryfflet because he couldn’t pick up quests in Dunland
  • Rolled a new hobbit warden with the Academy gang and started doing Ered Luin quests
  • Played the trumpet off the prow with Sans and Teri during our completion of the Gandalf Scavenger Hunt list (mention horseshoe)



  • Working on leveling Menelach (champion) in anticipation of the High Elf release.
  • Grinding out Host of the West rep with CRAFTING.
  • Noted that as much as I’m crafting for rep that I’ll have to do the Raid to get started with the high end gear. Le Sigh.
  • Re-exploring the lower content and noting the changes. Very much enjoying and may just not buy the Blessing of the Valar on the High Elf when I create it.



  • My regular skirmish group finally broke 30 minutes in Survival: Barrow Downs
  • Cleared out the last deed in my Eriador deed log. Who puts a chest in the middle of an Ice Bay?
  • On Laurelin, Challenge in finding Bergil for salute during Anniversary Scavenger Hunt




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  1. Great episode! I always love the review episodes, and it was great to hear another male voice. Yes, I love Pineleaf’s Angels, but more of a mix of guys and gals on the show is my preference. My rating is as follows:
    Epic Story: A (Great Job -as always- MoL! This set of epics was great, especially the session play)
    Side Quests: B+
    Landscape: B+ (not linking the Dead Marshes took it down from an A)
    Resource Instances: B
    Reputation Grind: B (I had kinmates help me out, so much less grind for me. I do like that you get gold gear items and some cosmetic pets this way)
    Random: Don’t remember what the random stuff was 😛
    Overall Score: B+

  2. Braag /

    Seems to me you missed the most obvious choice of all for Week-10 Anniversary Quests theme. The little dude that started it all. Master Baggins! I expect we will be collecting remembrances on a particularly remote island in Goblin-town, Stopping by some statues in the Troll-Shaws, Killing some spiders in Mirkwood, Visiting some Eagles in the Great River, etc!

    Braag of Vilya

  3. Barnabras /

    The wastes are a classic filler zone between updates. Primarily busy work (aka massive grind)

  4. Trotter /

    Thanks for the episode, I would mark this update down, for the utter confusion that I have had, even with the forums and lotro-wiki, on how to open up the instances, and what to do with the crafting materials at this level. Your episode helped me a lot with figuring them out, and I now have everything unlocked.

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