LOTRO Players News Episode 205: The Orcs Ate Their Wheaties

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This week we discussed update 20.1.2 and destiny points.

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Update 20.1.2

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LOTRO Legendarium: Seven Abandoned LOTRO Features


New Player Question

(I was going to ask what destiny points were, but we already answered that. 😀 )




  • Completed a list from years 7 and 8 Scavenger Hunt on Landroval!Teri.
  • Got my hobbit mini out to run Bells of Dale with Wigend and friends.
  • Burgled around Moria without getting completely lost (mostly), now up to the garden area in Durin’s Way.



  • Went back to running away from Nurzum during the field trip.
  • Went through the spider area of the Old Forest with an on-level alt for the first time.
  • Did a bunch of traveling, visited barrows I had never been to before to remember them, and re-ran some Moria instances.



  • Ran some low level quests with a friend
  • Started going through Moria– I haven’t gotten lost yet but I know it’s coming
  • Dusted off my level 21 hunter, and I can’t decide whether to run mainly in blue line or red line



  • Leveled a new mini to 21
  • Got all of Glordriel’s preferred virtues up to 19
  • After doing Dale with Peppir and friends, inspected the compost pile in the MT stables,  then did a speed run from the MT gate to Denethor off the Prow with Wigend and group



  • I reached level 105 in every class
  • My Crickhollow completed the Evendim deeds and did everything in Forochel except for those pesky treasure chests.
  • Started actually progressing on my Evernight warden.


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