LOTRO Players News Episode 203: Pineleaf Finds His Marbles

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This week we discuss skirmish soldiers and enjoy poetry.

Game News

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Note that there will be no Beacon next week as Cordovan will be on vacation.


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LOTRO Poems #18

Antipodean Writer: Fingolfin’s Fall: The Last Duel

Poems of the Pine: Minas Tirith



New Player Question

What type of skirmish soldier goes best with each class?





  • Successfully ran a skirmish for the first time
  • Teri got me into Moria!!!
  • Introduced a friend to LOTRO



  • Completed all three Year 6 lists on both my 105s
  • Successfully completed 3/4ths of Throne of the Dread Terror
  • Participated in a 6-man skraid forL a bunch of skirmishes…Lieutenants List, yo!



  • Patted a lot of animals
  • Got my baby burglar on Arkenstone ready for epic battles (lvl 10)
  • Introduced my brother to LOTRO



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn has now completed all three quests for years 1, 2 and 6.
  • New baby burg on Arkenstone.
  • Completed Volume 1, Book 8 on my Warden.



  • Arkenstone warden ran the Sword Halls and scavenger hunt year 6
  • Crickhollow warden finally gained kindred the Rangers of Ithilien.
  • Also went back to clear the deed tab for Bree and The Shire.


News Beyond LOTRO



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Featured Comments



Pinched writes:

Salutations. Hope everyone is doing well and skirmishing responsibly. I have noticed a few areas like Bree, Michel Delving, Thorin’s Gate, and Ost Guruth that have reputation maps that you can barter for. Are there any others to obtain this way? Some of my hunterless alts could really use more travel skills. Enjoy the show and thanks a bunch ahead of time.




Trotter writes:

Now have the Idealism virtue to 26, though only 19 levels count in the game.


Do you know if there is a limit on virtues that you can earn, or does it go on for ever?




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