LOTRO Players News Episode 202: Oliphaunt Guard


This week we discussed hobbit gifts and housing hooks.

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New Player Question

What hobbit presents should I just get rid of?




  • Finished out the skirmishes list for Year 4 by running them on Tier 3 with Sanswinda.
  • Did Merry’s list for Year 5 fairly quickly thanks to hunter ports and leafy feet (thanks Sans!)
  • Started a new baby warden on Arkenstone and got her to level 10.



  • Got my first non-hunter warsteed!!
  • Ran Tier III duo skirms with Teri, and one trio where I was the last hunter standing
  • Got to see the ent-wood!! It was very peaceful…



  • On Grrlz of M-e, I watched Aeryndis die over and over and over as we tried to get her into high level areas for her scavenger hunts (and later found out something interesting)
  • Completed all the Year 5 hunts on Glordriel, which was a little challenging given that there was some instances that she hadn’t done the prereqs for
  • Got Glordriel up to date on her gear (prepping for the grind when Mordor comes out), and now am moving on to Meyvan’s gear.



  • While running this week’s trifles on Arkenstone I found that I never did the Trollshaws
  • I participated in a run of Seat of the Great Goblin – my first featured instance
  • While running trifles on Crickhollow, I learned that I had skipped some quests in Angmar


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We received an email from the Anonymous player who contacted us last week:

Pineleaf this is where I read it at just so you guys know. Thank you again for the input. It has really and truly helped a lot. I value the opinion of you all. That is why I listen to LPN and the academy.

You folks are awesome.


Anonymous (Maellung Arrowshield)


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