LOTRO Players News Episode 201: Face Plant in a Pool of Acid


This week we were regaled with poems and shared stories of our week in LOTRO.

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Community Events: May 5th-11th

The Family Line Part 133 – Citizens Stand

LOTRO Poems #17

Embers of Hope Chapter 4: The Abandoned Hills

Embers of Hope Chapter 5: The Demise of Streamdale

Poems of the Pine: Voices of the Past


Brax’s memorial pick of the week: Beyond Bossfights: Looking Back on LOTRO: In Celebration of 10 Years


New Player Question

Can you use dummies to work on skill deeds?




  • Picked up the Bingo storyline with Axli Shingshing, got a little further along.
  • LM made it to level 45 and is ready to go get her LIs.
  • Other Champion is now level 71 and ready for a war-steed.



  • Ran the last part of the Throne of Dread Terror (last three bosses).
  • Did more anniversary questing/remembering–found a horn shard with most of the landscape chasing me.
  • Made a new character to test “always loot all” and greatly enjoy it, though I’m not sure I could implement it on my current alts who desperately need to do more inventory management.



  • Had tests this week, so I mostly did Anniversary stuff



  • Accomplished what has to be a rite of passage for any long term LOTRO  player
  • Did Tower of Orthanc for the first time, along with Sans and Teri
  • Did Flight to the Lonely Mountain raid with Corey’s guardian Wigend in Grrlz of Middle-earth style



  • While running Prancing Pony, I had a pair of Southpaws at the start.
  • My champion visited the Black Dens, which are still nasty even after the nerf.
  • On Arkenstone, I decided that the Foundry is not worth doing even at minimum level


News Beyond LOTRO




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Featured Comments

Aradathalion left a comment on last week’s LPN:

Congratulations on 200 episodes guys. I’ve been a listener since the start and while I can’t attend live right now I haven’t missed a moment. I enjoyed hearing from all the old hosts and had many a good laugh at all the good memories. I’m looking forward to returning to the game this weekend after nearly five months away.


My favorite show memories are these three

  1. Episode 59 (Obligatory)
  2. Ent Play/This episode (Its a tie)
  3. The Lake Evilswim moment (yes. It was my idea but I was totally surprised when Andang read it and thought it was funny)


Thank y’all so much for 200 episodes of skirmishing and shenanigans and everything in between and for making me part of the team.


Here is to 200 more episodes and 10 more years!


Louni left a comment on last week’s LPN:

Just wish to tell you all…..Thank you so much for the countless hours of listening fun! I had been listening to LOTRO podcasts since the days of Casually Strolling to Mordor, LOTRO Reported, and The Academy. I was thrilled when LOTRO Players News took up the void left by CSTM. You all do a wonderful job, I miss the hosts that left, but love the host that have joined. Here’s to another 200 episodes! /Toast (which I finally got this year for Louni!)



An in-game mail from Anonymous:


I have a dilemma that I want your opinion on. I am in a kin the leader has not logged on in 60 days. From what I was reading from Standing Stone kin will be automatically disbanded after 65 days. Would it be worth the time to usurp and try to breath some life into the kin? If i choose to usurp I realize that this will have to become my main and main server.


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  1. Flosiin /

    I’m still hoping for Goat War Steeds!!

  2. Flosiin /

    I ran into the same issue as Pineleaf for running the Foundary. I tried the Troll 5 times and kept dying on the walls. I reached out to world chat and a whole group of fantastic jumped in and helped me!
    Someone in world chat said there’s a corner somewhere in there we can stand and not die from his knock back. Not sure where that is.

  3. me and my lady just downloaded it, we are excited to see what its like

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