The Family Line Part 133 – Citizens Stand


Part 133 – Citizens Stand

Darkness swept across the land. Long shadows of the trees, buildings and hills melded together as shadows had all come together into one. Mist hung in the air as silence fell upon the whole land. No crickets nor the sounds of other nighttime animals made their sounds. It was eerily silent.

But that silence was broken. Arrows struck guards on watch at the gates of Bree. The guards quickly fell as a stream of orcs flooded the gate and slaughtered the unsuspecting night watchmen inside the gates. A few women stopped and froze in a sudden frightful pause at the sight of the many orcs flooding the inside. Screams of the women suddenly broke the silence that the orcs were trying to keep as they invaded the small town.

As soon as the orcs heard the women, many of them darted toward the women who then began to flee. A few arrows hit the persuing orcs but one of the women fell to an axe thrown by one of the orc. But not long after, that orc too was cut down by one of the guards nearby the town vault.

“Henry, alert the town,” one of the guardsmen called told another. “We’re under attack. Take my hor…” he was struck by an arrow as Henry watched in horror.

Henry froze and pulled on his sword. He had never been in combat before and was fearful of what was coming. He backed up as the orc who slew his partner then ran toward him. He slashed at the orc’s sword and then ran through the orc’s head. He pulled back in gladness. “That was easy,” but he soon regretted saying those words. Another four orcs hurried toward him as he ran down the street, away from the orcs.

“Orcs! Orcs are coming!” he yelled as loudly as he possibly could. “To arms! Orcs!”

Lamp light flashed on in each window he passed as he yelled his warnings out. He then passed a few of his fellow guards as he yelled out to them, “Orcs are approaching.” He then continued to the stables and mounted his friend’s horse. He galloped eastward down the town streets and finally did not feel the pressure of the many orc persuers after him. The feeling was short lived, though, as a cluster of orcs arrived ahead of him. The only path to the town bell was past the orcs. And they were in his way.


Commotion outside woke up Magla from his deep sleep. He sat up and looked outside the nearby window. Men and women ran past his window as a small band of orcs past after them. Magla began to panic and he turned and sat very still. His sweat began to bead on his head and his palms began to become moist. He breathed in shallow breaths and listened to the screams from the outside. He closed his eyes and just whispere to himself, “Not again, please not again,” as he could not help but listened further to more screaming and grunting of orcs. He shook his head and breathed in another sigh.

Then, with a determined look, he stoicly stood and a second later ran to a back room and dug into a chest that was hidden under linens. He opened the chest and threw the many contents out onto the floor. Quills and paper flew out as well as books and old clothes he had tried to forget about. At last, he reached inside and pulled out his weapon. He looked at it and memories he tried to forget came flooding back. The many memories of Helesdir and the tunnels under Aman Sul. With resolution, he stood up and whispered to himself, “This is the hammer I forged for myself. I called you Siladam and were my trusted companion. And so you shall be once more.”


“Come on you filth,” a uruk yelled at the orcs under his command. “He’s gotta be here. Where he is, the staff is too.” He kicked one of the orcs to the ground and they ran off toward a group of Bree houses as the one on the ground stood up and scurried along with the others. “Get a move o…” a spike was driven through the back of the head of the uruk and out of his mouth. It fell to the ground as the rest of the orcs turned to see what happened. There behind the dead uruk was Magla with his hammer ready to strike again. The orcs ran back to him as Magla slammed his hammer into two of the orcs as the other five were brought down with arrows of guardsmen behind Magla.

“Secure the west and north gates,” Magla commanded the guards. “I’ll secure the southeast gate. It appears they are coming from all sides.”

“Yes, sir,” the guards said before they ran off down the other way of the street.

Magla ran down the ally toward a group of orcs. Without hesitation, he slammed his hammer into the orcs, kicked down another two and pounded their heads into the ground. He then spun around and threw his hammer at the last orc, which hit him dead in the head. He fell back with the sudden strike, dead.

Magla picked up his hammer but was stunned by one more in the ally. It was Henry who was still on the horse.

“What are you doing away from the other guards?” Magla asked.

“I was told to ring the Bree Bell,” Henry said.

“We already know the town is under attack,” Magla said. “Come with me.”

The two ran down the ally as Magla pounded another two orcs and Henry stood back in amazement. It took Magla only a few seconds to kill the orcs. “You knew how to fight all this time? I thought you were just a mayor.”

“No,” Magla said as he gave the orc’s bow to the guard. “I hope you can use one of these better than you can fight with a sword.”

“I prefer a bow over a sword any day,” the guard said.

“Good, you’ll need it to cover me,” Magla said as he pulled the guard along with him. The two entered the courtyard of the boar fountain. As many as ten orcs were there terrorizing the men and women of the courtyard. “We’ve got a job to do,” Magla told Henry.

Magla ran toward two particular orcs as they tried to attack a couple. He swung and smashed his hammer into one of the orcs as Henry, the guard, killed the other, shot in the head with an arrow. He then ran toward another five and quickly killed one as another was shot by Henry’s arrow. One more person wearing a helmet and baring a shield came up behind an orc and smashed it with a shield. The person sunk the sword into the orc and ended its life.

“Who are you?” Malga asked.

“No time,” the other person said. But the voice of the soldier was that of a woman. “Three more are over there,” she motioned with her sword.

Magla and the woman ran toward the last three orcs and sunk their weapons into them and the last was shot by Henry’s arrow. More orcs came up the main way as Henry turned and shot one of them. Magla and the woman both ran toward and quickly killed the orcs.

A group of guards ran into the courtyard of the boar fountain. Atleast ten there were as Magla ran up to them and asked, “How fares the west gate?”

“It goes well,” one of the men said. “A group of guards have remained near the Prancing Pony. They sent us here to secure the east gates.”

“Good,” Magla said. “We need to keep this courtyard secure.” Just then, an explosive bang was heard from the southeastern gate. “We need to investigate that.”

Magla, Henry and the woman ran down the way and entered into combat with another ten orcs. The orcs were much hartier and larger than the others they had already encountered. Another blast came from the west gate as Magla was becoming nervous and feared what weapon was causing such a terrible blast. More orcs then came from west from the Town Hall.

“Kill them,” a voice came from the east. Suddenly, there was a blaze but not on the town or the guards of Bree. It was on the large group of orcs as a long javelin punctured one of the other orcs the three were fighting.

Two came up toward them and swung at the orcs and another slammed his shield into the orcs. It was Theomin, who had just returned from the east. By his side was an elf. He bore a shield and a long, curved sword. He was graceful as he swung his sword and bashed in the orcs with such a force that it knocked them onto the ground.

“Theomin,” Magla said happily. “You made it!”

“We have no time,” Theomin said. “There are many more where these came from. I heard from one of them that they have also breached the west gate. Is that true?”

“They did but the guards are beginning to retake the town,” Magla said.

“This is not the last of the orcs. I hear a large army is following this onslaught,” Theomin informed Magla. “Now I wish I had not already sent the Dunlandings to Evendim.”

“Without an army of our own, we have not the guards or watchmen to fight,” Magla said. “A whole army you say the orcs have?”

“They will be here any moment,” Theomin said.

Magla thought for a while. He was not sure what to do or what to say. He felt like he had never been in the position to give orders during combat. Decisions were always given by Helesdir or Sergee. Never him. He shook his head and then looked at Theomin. “Secure the south-east gate. Find whatever guards you can and try and hold that gate.” He looked at his two companions. “We must head north and see if the north-eastern gate is secure and then head toward the west. I hope the defences will hold.”

The two groups ran their separate ways. Theomin continued toward the east as it began to become overrun. He raised his staff and summoned a whirlwind. It engulfed the orcs and flung them in the air and smashing into walls as others were shocked by the lighting emenating from the whirlwind. But it did nothing to stop a further onslaught of orcs pouring through the gate. He threw a pot of fire into the stream covering them with fire from the sticky pot but it still did nothing to stop them from coming. They bared down on Theomin and Sylderan like a terrible tidal wave.

“We have not a choice,” Theomin told Sylderan. “Retreat!” He threw down another pot onto the ground which stopped the advance for only moments while they tried to make their escape.

The two ran back but saw a large force of orcs coming from up the road. They ran toward the hunter’s ally but saw another force of orcs in the ally attacking some of the hunters nearby the lodge. They turned and toward the court of the town hall where many more orcs were slaughtering guards. They ran into the barred gate of the Breetown jail as quickly as they could. Theomin closed the gate and locked it as Sylderan ran inside. They could hear the jail gates quickly being torn down by the large number of orcs.

“What’s happening?” came a call from one of the cells inside the prison.

Theomin turned to see Lily still behind bars. He ran toward her as Sylderan pushed his body on the door to prevent the orcs from smashing through it. “The town is being overrun by orcs,” Theomin said.

“Orcs?” Lily whispered with shock.

“Yes,” Theomin said. “Have any knowledge of this attack?”

“Not really,” Lily said with some confusion.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Better hurry with what ever you’re doing over there,” Sylderan said as he grunted.

“The orcs and Angmarim were to take Annuminas, not Bree,” Lily said. “I remember they needed to find something but I know not what. Perhaps they are looking for it here.”

“It appears they care not and are mearly pillaging,” Theomin said.

“I fear you are wrong. They are still searching for whatever they need here to summon Morgoth back in Annuminas,” Lily informed Theomin.

“Then what can we do?” Theomin asked. “They have an army.”

“We have us,” Lily said. “Release me and I’ll help you fight.”

“I cannot release you,” Theomin said. “You were an ally of the enemy. I will not release you to save my life.”

“Time is wasting,” Lily said. “Either release me and I help you or you die at the hands of the enemy. Many of your skills are based on fire. You set fire to them and you will set fire to this whole building. You will die either from fire or smoke long before I die. Release me and I will join you.”

Theomin thought for a while. He heard the loud sounds of the orcs at the door and saw the strain on Sylderan as he tried desperately to keep the door shut. “I have not a choice,” Theomin said. “I will need to release you. What do you need?”

“The key,” Lily said, “and my runes. I need my runes if I am to fight the orcs.”

Theomin sighed. He had not a choice and so ran toward the vault where they kept the effects of the prisoners. Inside of a small drawer, he found the two blocks that were the runes of Lily. And close to them on the wall were the keys to the cell doors. He grabbed them and ran back toward Lily.

“Hurry, Theomin,” Sylderan yelled as he could barely keep the door closed.

Theomin handed the runes to Lily and opened the cell of Lily. She then pushed the door open which slammed Theomin to the nearby wall. She looked at Theomin and for a moment, Theomin looked as though she would attack him. She then turned toward the door and with a gleam in her eyes she redied herself and said, “Open it.”

Sylderan did as he was told and released his hold on the door. He did nothing as it was pushed open by the many orcs forcing it in. Lily held her runes toward the door and a long flash of lightning struck the first orcs. They paused and screamed in pain as they were shocked and began dying. As she shocked them, she walked slowly toward them and out of the prison. Her shocking ended and with that it worked. There had to be thirty orcs dead on the ground all about the front deck of the prison.

“You did it,” Theomin said with amazement.

“Did I not say I would aid you?” Lily smirked.

“We must hold the south-eastern gate,” Theomin said. “That is all we can do to help this town.”


Magla and his two companions ran up to the courtyard of the boar fountain and found it was being overrun. Twenty more orcs streamed through the gates as another ten were already there. Magla and his companions reluctantly ran toward the onslaught of orcs and battled their way through the orcs, smashing and slashing through them. Henry shot the orcs as he was then too cut down by many more orcs coming from behind him.

“No!” Magla yelled as he saw his companion killed by the orcs. “Have we not aid?” Magla asked.

The two continued as they were surrounded by as many as fifteen orcs. All were clammering for a chance to fight Magla and his companion. They faught bravely and Magla, with is last throws of strength he had left, fought until he too was slashed in the leg by an orc he had believed he already killed. The woman killed the orc that slashed at Malga and killed as many of the other orcs as she could. She slashed at them and bashed at them but soon she too was stabbed in the arm. She fell next to Magla and they knew their fates were to lie next to each other awaiting death.

But something happened that distracted the orcs as they did not kill the two. Arrows were heard whizzing by and swords were being met and orcs were being slaughtered all around them. The two knelt on the ground and watched in amazement as they received aid from the men and women from Bree. Normal citizens who decided to take up arms against the onslaught of orcs. All had farming tools and hunting bows as they faught to keep their own mayor from death. They faught until the very last orc was killed. No longer were they cowering before the orcs but they took up arms against the orcs and saved the mayor they loved so dear.

The last orc met its doom and one of the men came to Magla to help him up. Another came to the woman and helped her up as well. She then removed her helm. Beneath the helm was Millie Cartwright, the woman from Combe they saved in the Lone Land ruins so long ago.

“It’s you,” Magla said in awe. “But why?”

“You helped me so long ago,” Millie said. “Now I helped you.”

“How is your leg, Mr. Mayor,” one of the men of Bree asked Magla.

“It is but a slight wound,” Magla said.

“The fighting is over,” Theomin came up from the street. “The rest are either fleeing or were killed. We sent fighters out to hunt them down but it looks as though they will not return.” He looked at Millie Cartwright and gave a smile. “I remember you. You told us to take up arms and retake this town. Thank you.”

“Thank you for taking up arms,” Magla said to the towns people as he was hoisted up.

“Mr. Mayor,” one of the men said. “We know of the threat in Annuminas. We know there is a force there that has occupied it and they are summoning something terrible there.”

“How do you know that?” Magla asked.

“At first we thought it was only rumor. But it was proven not to be by the guards in the town hall. Soon after it has spread around town that the occupying forces in Annuminas are spawning something terrible,” the man said. “I know that we may seem weak but today we have proved otherwise. You wanted to keep us safe. You want to keep us out of harms way. But haven’t we proven to you we can fight?” he asked as he looked at his fellow men and women of the town, all agreeing with him. “We all want to help you because this is our home too and we love it too much to do nothing.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Malga asked.

“We are telling you this because we will not go with them unless you approve it,” the man said. “We will only go if you give us the signal to go and fight for all of Eriador. What say you?”

Magla looked at the towns people then at Millie, Theomin and then at Lily. He looked back at the men and women of his town and raised his head with honor, “Gather what weapons you have. We will fight.”

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