Poems of the Pine: Voices of the Past


We search for Faramir to deliver some good news.

Book 3 – Voices of the Past

The rangers readied
The raiders’ ships
To sail the river
As a secret force.
While the fleet set sail
To the City of White
We threaded our way
Through Ithilien fair.
We searched for Faramir
In the forested land
To bring word of our win
Against the wicked corsairs.
Yet the captain wasn’t seen
In the camps of his men
So we gathered in Osgiliath,
Which was gutted by orcs.
We searched the city
But no sign was found
Of the captain who raided
The countless orcs.
But news we heard
Of a nasty surprise:
A great weapon
Named Grond the Hammer.
We found the ram
And ruined its wheels
To slow its merciless march.
But our mortal foe,
Mordirith the False,
Returned in the guise of Gothmog.

We must head for Minas Tirith to prepare for this new threat.

Pineleaf Needles

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