LOTRO Players News Episode 200: 55 Lockboxes, Still No Skeleton Steed


This week we are joined by Cordovan, Arred, and many former LPN hosts in a celebration of 200 episodes of LOTRO Players News.

Game News

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What Are Your Favorite Memories From LOTRO?

Favorite moments from the show

The Family Line Part 132 – Ambush in Annuminas

Critters Journey [57] Who let the horses out?


Brax’s memorial pick of the week:

My LOTRO review – 10 years late – Lina’s Biscuity Burrow


Cordovan Section

Questions for Cordovan, Anything he wants to talk about/tell, etc.


New Player Questions

  1. What would you miss if LOTRO was gone tomorrow (which it definitely won’t be)?
  2. What do you wish someone had told you when you were first starting?




  • Bought all of the quest packs except Lothlorien… because elves.



  • Had a picnic with Pippen, and ran from person to person around Minis Tirith until my client crashed



  • Got the toast emote three times (twice on Sanswinda on Landroval).



  • Ran with the Grrlz of Middle Earth through some of the Anniversary Events, and we found out that you can successfully get a level 48 to Stanguard, Lothlorien, and Moria



  • Across the week, helped lots of lowbies get their Year 1 and Year 2 scavenger hunt lists complete. Lots of puzzle solving.



  • Played the OP furball on Arkenstone, she’s now level 43 and still way OP in Forochel.



  • Had some touching moments with some bosses. Getting to Rook is a pain.
  • Reached one million marks on my main (when counting only at level content).
  • My champion completed Moria and reached level 60.



  • Still do not have a red painted skeleton steed.. Opened up many a lock box. Stupid RNG



  • memory/thanks to community



  • (More of a memory thing) – chicken runs!



  • Found myself wandering around Middle-earth
  • Lots of favorite moments



  • Fired off 300 fireworks for deeds



  • Returned to LOTRO, caught up on epics, and made a completionist character who is currently in Evendim
  • Also some PVP


News Beyond LOTRO




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This week we did not receive any reviews, but we still feel pretty good about ourselves.

Featured Comments



Maellung Arrowshield writes:

After hearing Teri talk about LPN for multiple episodes of lotro academy I finally gave in and listened and subscribed to the podcast. The very first episode I listened to is very memorable due to the constant reminder of the “Mat Hearhertoes” incident. Yes that was when I started listening and have been an avid listener since.  All of the host that have come and gone have added so much to the podcast. Congrats on making it to 200 can’t wait for many many more to come.


Maellung Arrowshield

Crickhollow server


Merryrose Morningsong writes:

Hi! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy listening to your show. I tried to come up with a favorite episode or memory but there are so many to choose from. So I’ll just say LPN excels in sharing their love of LOTRO to others. Your camaraderie each week makes me laugh & cheer. And occasionally I learn something new (sometimes after forgetting it). I hope anyone in Esteldin this past week had fun watching a hobbit run around in circles looking for the bounty giver so I could complete the scavenger hunt. I found him eventually. Protip: it helps to select the “Show Trivial Quest Icons in Radar” under the Options/UI Settings. Sometimes those gray circles blend so well into the scenery that this hobbit couldn’t see it.

May you celebrate many more shows in future!

Merryrose Morningsong


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  1. Aradathalion /

    Congratulations on 200 episodes guys. I’ve been a listener since the start and while I can’t attend live right now I haven’t missed a moment. I enjoyed hearing from all the old hosts and had many a good laugh at all the good memories. I’m looking forward to returning to the game this weekend after nearly five months away.

    My favorite show memories are these three
    1. Episode 59 (Obligatory)
    2. Ent Play/This episode (Its a tie)
    3. The Lake Evilswim moment (yes. It was my idea but I was totally surprised when Andang read it and thought it was funny)

    Thank y’all so much for 200 episodes of skirmishing and shenanigans and everything in between and for making me part of the team.

    Here is to 200 more episodes and 10 more years!

  2. Louni /

    Just wish to tell you all…..Thank you so much for the countless hours of listening fun! I had been listening to LOTRO podcasts since the days of Casually Strolling to Mordor, LOTRO Reported, and The Academy. I was thrilled when LOTRO Players News took up the void left by CSTM. You all do a wonderful job, I miss the hosts that left, but love the host that have joined. Here’s to another 200 episodes! /Toast (which I finally got this year for Louni!)

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