LOTRO Players News Episode 199: Free the Cosmetics!


This week we discuss the 10th Anniversary Celebration.


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The Family Line Part 131 – At the Brink

Chance Thomas Teases Surprise Anniversary Announcement






  • Completed enough dailies in Osgiliath to get Saryssa the rest of the foxes she needed for the Sly and Cunning title.
  • Landroval!Teri received her /trumpet emote along with Sanswinda and Meyvan. I may have also discovered some taters…
  • Arkenstone LM had enough Spring Festival leaves to trade away to get the dragon horse.



  • Oliphaunts!!! The raid level RT oliphaunt that is sometimes on the Osgiliath bridge and the nearby warband!!!
  • Sat on Amon Hen and jumped off Rauros, though not in the same evening.
  • My warg finally got a new skin, and then got another one thanks to the anniversary celebration.



  • Continued questing in Forochel, where I met the most ridiculous band of NPCs yet
  • Went on the Academy Field trip, where we grouped some of the non-scavenger hunt anniversary quests and had a lot of fun (launched fireworks for the first time!)
  • Found out that the anniversary invitations quest drops warsteed cosmetics (which will be great in about 30 levels or so when I actually GET a warsteed!) 😀



  • Glordriel completed all of the First Year anniversary scavenger hunt, 1/3rd of the way through Year 2
  • Got to assist Sans get her oliphaunt(s)
  • Moochi healed for Wigend and Vilori in Webs of the Scuttledells (Vilori saved the day!)



  • On Crickhollow, I went to the Dead Marshes for the anniversary and found a frog
  • On Arkenstone, I found that I was woefully behind on the Volume 1 epic
  • On Laurelin, I unlocked the solo resource instances in the Waste.


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Trotter sent us an email with a link:

I don’t know if you have seen this picture on Ted’s site, the version in LOTRO has been cropped:

Ted Nasmith Battle of the Black Gate



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  1. Flosiin /

    Just started listening. Bounty quests are daily. Unfortunately we get a lot less IXP pills then when it they first came out. We used to get somewhere around 700k IXP from all the quests.

  2. Flosiin /

    Note about the patch notes for the solo Red Pass in the Anniversary quest.
    I forgot the quest said to run the solo version. I wanted a little more challenge on my 105 captain and did fellowship version. Finished it and realized the anniversary quest still showed i had to complete it. Went back to the reflecting pool and neither version was availble anymore.
    Since the patch, i was able to do the solo version. But now the quest is stuck in completed status and in my quest log.

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