LOTRO Players News Episode 196: That Warg


This week we discuss That Warg, and have some fun discussing humorous April Fool’s articles.

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New Player Question


What is the difference between the different types of mobs (signature, elite, etc.), and what is the “pecking order?”




  • Caught the end of the Grrlz of Middle Earth stream, and afterwards Teriadwyn created a new outfit for Landroval Aerindys and taught me how to use the wardrobe (Sans provided moral support).
  • Leveled Landroval Aerindys to 45.
  • Went on the Academy Fieldtrip and leveled up Arkenstone Aerindys to level 15.



  • I defeated the final boss in The Ruined City instance all by myself!!!
  • Discovered the Dead Marshes in Gondor and a really cool session play.
  • Ran Protectors of Thangulhad skirmish with the field trip and had a lot of fun trying to get mobs into circles for Pineleaf.



  • Led the Grrlz through the first three wings of Fornost, ran out of time to finish Shadow.
  • Arkenstone LM crafted her way to level 20.
  • Did a couple of runs through the Library at Tham Mirdain for reasons.



  • Got my North Ithilien flower steed…it should be shedding petals!
  • Unlocked and ran the new solo resource instances
  • Did my very first pick up rep farming raid and it was CRAZY!



  • My champion finished his time in Forochel and headed for Moria.
  • My main warden poked some rangers and was chewed by the Towers of the Teeth.
  • My Beorning found the side entrance to the Pelennor to bypass Osgiliath.


News Beyond LOTRO




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Featured Comments

Lifthil left a comment on Episode 195:

Hey, so, um, Teriadwyn wasn’t entirely right about what finesse does. Finesse allows your physical attacks to bypass enemies’ avoidance (block/parry/evade) and your tactical attacks to bypass their resistance. It’s nothing to do with mitigations. Some skills/traits allow you to bypass mits, but those are class-specific. The only mit bypass I know of that isn’t is the skirmish personal trait, and even then, it’s only in a skirmish.



Michael Montgomery writes:

Good morning, thanks for all your efforts on the podcast. I listen during my two hours commuting every day.


Do most players level alts solo, and just group in level-cap instances? Or just buy the Gift of Valar? Or have a regular group, or power level, or skirmish repeatedly?


I’ve played LotRO since 2008, but am tired of solo leveling. Your descriptions of running around together and leveling various characters together sounds awesome. How to find leveling buddies?


Trotter writes:

I have being doing lots of Deeds in LOTRO recently, to increase all 20 virtues, to 19 or above on my main, and would like to nominate this deed as the most annoying, The Pale Followers (Advanced).


To complete this you have to kill 300 Pale-Folk in Tham Mírdain, this is an instance in Volume 1 of the Epic, so to complete you have to use a reflecting pool, many, many, many times in Rivendell.


I would love to know if anyone has found a more annoying deed to complete than this.



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  1. Squirle /

    Wisdom of the valar is also the home to the Critters that are journeing to mordor,

  2. Arred /

    Well, at least the dog had something to say.

  3. f_duddy /

    GONDOR LOLOL!! Instant classic, Aerindys!

  4. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    @Trotter https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/The_Pale_Followers_(Advanced)
    “Additional Information:
    The best way to complete this deed is by running the instance The Library at Tham Mírdain a couple of times. ”

    Hope it helped, safe travels o7

    • Will be sending in a reply this week to the show, but thanks to Teriadwyn’s suggestion on this show have now completed The Pale Followers (Advanced), very pleased

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