LOTRO Players News Episode 195: We’ll Talk Later


This week we discuss update 20 in vague terms to avoid spoilers and talk about our week in LOTRO.

Game News

Update 20 to be released on Tuesday, March 21st


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Battle of the Black Gate First Impressions

New steed: Steed of Elessar Host

The Family Line Part 127 – The Cold Winds Blow


New Player Question

What sort of stuff can characters on different servers access? For example, can I send mail from one of my characters on one server to another on a different server, or is shared storage the only way to share stuff?





  • Visited the East Wall of Rohan with a Professor
  • Climbed a stair and entered a tunnel
  • Ran the quests in the new area and still don’t have the slightest idea how to unlock the new resource instances



  • Ran silent street and tanked the boss for a bit at the end!
  • Ran Wraith of Water Tier 2 Challenge!!
  • Made it to North Ithilien and killed all the things in and around after-battle Osgiliath with an awesome champion and lore master! And gave a ranger a fire…



  • Discovered that flower-picking in a group is not a fun time.
  • Arkenstone LM is up to level 19, switched her over to yellow line.
  • Saryssa finally left Frostbluff behind to do some Ale Association “incognito”.



  • Watched part of Sanswinda’s silent street run
  • Leveled Arkenstone Aerindys to level 13
  • Leveled up quite a few times in the Game of Real Life



  • Completed U20 epic (not happy about beardless Cirdan)
  • Got my second legendary ring from picking  A LOT of flowers
  • Completed all the Roving Threats in the new area just through pugging


News Beyond LOTRO

The Road Goes Ever On For Adventures in Middle-earth



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Featured Comments


Pinched Writes:

I just wanted to thank you for explaining the differences with mitigations (tactical vs physical) and also the masteries. That was extremely helpful.


I do have a question about those. Is there a cap on mitigations both defense and mastery?


And another topic which I am starting to see is about finesse. Who needs finesse and what does it do exactly? I know I could probably find this info in the wiki, but you guys explain it really well and use nice in-game examples.


Anyway, thanks and love the show.


Pinched, Burglar from Landroval


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  1. Lifthil /

    Hey, so, um, Teriadwyn wasn’t entirely right about what finesse does. Finesse allows your physical attacks to bypass enemies’ avoidance (block/parry/evade) and your tactical attacks to bypass their resistance. It’s nothing to do with mitigations. Some skills/traits allow you to bypass mits, but those are class-specific. The only mit bypass I know of that isn’t is the skirmish personal trait, and even then, it’s only in a skirmish.

  2. Arred /

    Correction. I do like this steed. Seen 2 versions before, placeholders, which looked more pincessy. 🙂 And yeah, you need 4 reputations, which is easier with a lot of crafters.
    The ghost is in Ondohers folly quest line. Slag-Hills require the quests before for solo instances, but I don’t think it’s the ghost, probably just Haerondir. Fellowship unlocks you can start right away.

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