Community Events: March 24th-30th


Community Calendar:

This listing of featured events is only published on Fridays, but our Google calendar is kept up to date throughout the week and includes details on many more activities.  Take a look at this week’s agenda for upcoming events around LOTRO and copy some or all events to your personal calendar.  You may add events or post corrections in the comments section, but the fastest and best way to get it on this page and on the calendar is to submit a form.

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All events listed in Eastern Daylight Time (-4 GMT)/server time, with an extra time zone for EU server events.  You may add events or post corrections in the comments section, but the fastest and best way to get it on this page is to submit a form.  I’m always open to feedback and suggestions, both here and through the submissions form, so let me know if there’s something we should feature.  Thanks for reading!

Special note: the US, Canada, and a few other places in North America are on Daylight Saving Time while most of Europe will switch to DST on March 26th.  Daylight saving ends in Australia and New Zealand on April 2nd.  This means that some events on the European servers will generally take place at a different time than Americans are accustomed to, and vice versa.  Make sure to double-check the time of events on all servers over the next week, and note that times on the Google calendar may not be accurate on Friday and Saturday.  If in doubt, directly ask the event organizers if you can.

Featured events for this week:

Friday, March 24

Green Dragon Friday

Server: Laurelin

Time: 3:30pm EDT (7:30pm GMT)

Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, The Shire

Please note: Green Dragon Friday is back to its usual home in Bywater, but there is a permanent time change: from now on it will start a half an hour earlier, at 7:30pm GMT.  This will mean 3:30pm server time this week, 2:30pm server time from next week on.

Description: Lively, lore-relevant hobbit night at the Inn.  Bring a riddle, a song, a poem or a story if you like! Please note this is a hobbit preferred roleplaying event, with travelling dwarves welcome but no big folk.

PvMP Battles

Server: Brandywine

Time: 8pm

Location: The Ettenmoors

Description: The Kinship Riders of Middle-earth host Player versus Monster Player battles on the Brandywine server every Friday at 8:00pm-11:00pm Eastern and every Saturday from 8:00am-2:00pm Eastern! The Kin would love to get LOTRO players interested in PvMP, and is willing to help.

Friday Night Jam

Server: Landroval

Time: 9pm

Location: Prancing Pony Stables

Description: All bands are welcome to come and jam, round-robin style.  Hosted by the Fluffy Unicorns and the Grayhawke Band.

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Saturday, March 25

Polnolunie: The Ice Horseman

Server: Laurelin

Time: 2pm EDT (6pm GMT/21:00 MSK) Legendary heroes, strange creatures, sad lyrical stories–all with stunning words and music.

Description: Legendary heroes, strange creatures, sad lyrical stories–all with stunning words and music.

Les Daft Pigs

Server: Sirannon

Time: 4pm EDT (9pm CET)

Location: Au pré aux festivités de Bree

Description: La joyeuse bande de Cochonnaille est de retour!  Les Daft Pigs seront (bien) accompagnés avec nos désormais célèbres Grou’Pigs, mais aussi les nouveaux venus: les BB’Pigs!

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Sunday, March 26

No Whole Bard

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 7am EDT (10pm AEDT)

Location: Prancing Pony Stage

Description: Concert

OAKS: The Endless Rise of ARDA

Server: Laurelin

Time: 2:30pm EDT (7:30pm BST)

Location: Town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

Description:  ARDA will be on the rise, lifting everyone up with their brilliantly beautiful music.

Harfang’s Family: Tribute to Northmen

Server: Laurelin

Time: 4:15pm (9:15pm BST)

Location: Bree Stage

Description: This show is a tribute to Scandinavian folk and Viking metal bands, mainly from Finland and Sweden.

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Monday, March 27

Ales and Tales

Server: Landroval

Time: 8:30pm for Nibbles & Nobs, 9:30pm for Ales & Tales

Location: LMB Main Kinhouse (Imrath Ivrin neighborhood, Falathlorn housing, Ered Luin), LMB 9th Anniversary

Description:  Volunteer to tell a tale, sing a song, recite a new poem, anything you wish to share with others in an RP setting. Nibbles and Nobs offers an open stage to all performers, while Ales and Tales features a house band and scheduled performers (all are welcome to sign up).  Location changes every week, so /joinchannel alesandtales to find out more information.

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Tuesday, March 28

Exploring the Lord of the Rings–On Location

Server: Landroval

Time: 9:30pm

Location: Lore Hall across from the Cat Lady’s House, Bree

Description: A free in-depth reading of the trilogy with the Tolkien Professor which will bring in other works that affected the story and considers new angles and aspects.   The course takes place every Tuesday throughout January on a different server each week, followed by a field trip to a relevant site.  Go to Discord or Twitch to follow the discussion.

Green Hill Music Society

Server: Landroval

Time: 9pm

Location: Outside the Bird & Baby Inn, Michel Delving, The Shire

Description: Green Hill Music Society will be bringing you songs from the band U2!  In celebration of their music and the joy they have brought to so many people!

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Wednesday, March 29

Tunes and Ales

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 11am and 10:30pm

Location: Brandywine Bridge

Description: Midweek Tunes and Ales is a weekly event every Wednesday at 10:30pm and 11:00am servertime.  It’s always in a different place each week, we could be at Weathertop or Rivendell, maybe even the depths of Moria, playing music throughout Middle Earth!  We welcome all travelers who are passing through to join if like to share a tune, story, or just dance!

Frischen Brise

Server: Belegaer

Time: 2pm (8pm CEST)

Location: Keilerbrunnen in Bree

Description: Concert

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Thursday, March 30

Concerning Hobbits–Party Time

Server: Landroval

Time: 8:30pm

Location: The Bird & Baby Inn, Michel Delving, The Shire

Description: These weekly parties feature games, music, pies, light RP, prizes, and fireworks. Party games include the Bad Joke Contest, Riddle Game, Hide-a-Hobbit, and more.

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Coming soon:

Last week’s A Day on the Greenfields kicked off LOTRO music festival season.  Look for Rockfest in April, the Blue Theatre Song Contest and Shirefest in June, and then the biggest festival of them all, Weatherstock.  Look to this weekly post for dates, sign up details, and much more information over the next few months.

Looking back:

Speaking of A Day on the Greenfields, Hollyberye captured the event for her YouTube channel.  Here’s the host band, Les Beaux Chapeaux, playing a program of love songs:

Festival time:

The Spring Festival runs from now through 3am EDT on April 3rd.  Fibro Jedi has a great rundown on the basics, including a hedge maze map and video.

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