LOTRO Players News Episode 194: Nazgul Repellant Spray


This week we discuss mitigations and LOTRO news.

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New Player Question

What is Tactical Mitigation and Physical Mitigation, and what is the difference between them?




  • Made another Aerindys on Arkenstone so I can go on the Academy Field trip when I get to a high enough level
  • Ran the Tomb of Elendil Instance with the Grrlz of Middle Earth (we wiped way more than we thought we were going to because of the Turtle) but we did finish it in time
  • Got Landroval Aerindys up to level 45– currently questing in Aughaire



  • Spent entirely too much time looking for kingsfoil on two different characters.
  • Challenge mini is level 99 and has finished the Blackroot Vale portion of Western Gondor.
  • Skirmished with Sanswinda and managed to get one of the two encounters Landroval!Teri needs to finish the Battle in the Tower skirmish deed.



  • Searched for Denethor’s hankies.
  • Discovered my level 105 hunter has been super stealthy and secret (like Esteldin, presumably) in everything she’s done thus far.
  • Healed for the Strike Against Dannenglor skirmish (set at 64.5 for Pineleaf).



  • Got stalked around Minas Tirith by a little girl
  • Blew the dust off Fablus the Dwarf champ to help with the turtle with halitosis
  • Had my first dedicated healer experience running Moochi with Wigend and Vilori on Seat of the Great Goblin and Iorbar’s Peak. Wigend didn’t die, in spite of my being killed by the troll very early in the first Great Goblin boss fight.



  • With a little help of the auction house, I finally completed the Level 45/50 class quest.
  • My Rune-keeper attempted to run the Osgiliath gauntlet and failed.
  • My main character (Crick warden) cleared out her quest log for the update – mainly by completing the quests that were filling it.




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Featured Comments


Trotter writes:

I reported a bug today, and it seems that the transition from Turbine to Standing Stone Games has significantly changed reporting bugs in the game, and it is a lot more hassle now than it was under Turbine, so much so that I don’t think I will bother to report them anymore.

You may want to have a look at this for the podcast, just go to help, and submit a bug report.


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