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Happy Bullroarer Took Day to you all!  We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a LOTRO spin this weekend.  Friday is a Green Bullroarer Took Friday on Laurelin, a special edition of the weekly Green Dragon Friday.  Saturday is Landroval’s A Day at the Greenfields, with genre-themed music from 11 bands from 11am to 10pm.  Sunday brings the Bullroarer Took Day Pub Crawl to Crickhollow, a trip to all the Inns of the Shire with an ale and a song at each stop.  Find out more information about these activities in the featured events section below, or directly follow each link to get the full details.

This listing of featured events is only published on Fridays, but our Google calendar is kept up to date throughout the week and includes details on many more activities.  Take a look at this week’s agenda for upcoming events around LOTRO and copy some or all events to your personal calendar.  You may add events or post corrections in the comments section, but the fastest and best way to get it on this page and on the calendar is to submit a form.

Server calendars: Arkenstone CalendarBelegaer CalendarBrandywine CalendarCrickhollow CalendarEvernight Calendar, Gladden CalendarGwaihir CalendarLandroval CalendarLaurelin Calendar, and Sirannon Calendar

All events listed in Eastern Daylight Time (-4 GMT)/server time, but an extra time zone is shown for EU server events.  You may add events or post corrections in the comments section, but the fastest and best way to get it on this page is to submit a form.  I’m always open to feedback and suggestions, both here and through the submissions form, so let me know if there’s something we should feature.  Thanks for reading!

Special note: the US, Canada, and a few other places in North America are on Daylight Saving Time while most of Europe will switch to DST on March 26th.  Daylight saving ends in Australia and New Zealand on April 2nd.  This means that some events on the European servers will generally take place at a different time than Americans are accustomed to, and vice versa.  Make sure to double-check the time of events on all servers over the next week, and note that times on the Google calendar may not be accurate throughout this period.  If in doubt, directly ask the event organizers if you can.

Friday, March 17

A Green Bullroarer Took Friday

Server: Laurelin

Time: 3:30pm EDT (7:30pm GMT)

Location: Bullroarer’s Statue, Brockenborings, The Shire

Description: Instead of to the Green Dragon Inn, we invite you to come to the Bullroarer Took statue in Brockenborings on this Bullroarer Took Day.  Proceedings will be like on a normal Friday at the Green Dragon: There will be a host and entertainment from you, the visitors! As for the entertainment, it would be nice to have songs, poems, stories related to Bullroarer Took and/or the Greenfields battle. It’s okay to perform last year’s dedicated songs and poems again, you do not absolutely have to write new material, but doing the latter can count on much appreciation, of course.

Warm Warders Welcome

Server: Landroval

Time: 9pm

Location: The Shire

Description: The Warders of the Weald play each Friday at various locations throughout the Shire. If you can’t find them, send out a /regional request asking.

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Saturday, March 18

A Day at the Greenfields

Server: Landroval

Time: 11am EDT

Location: 27.2S, 67.2W in the Shire northeast of Brockenborings.

Description: A multi-genre music celebration featuring a variety of musical genres from 11 great bands.  The festival will be held at the “stage” that serves as the end of the Bullroarer Challenge during the Spring festival.

11am The HOPE (Black Masquerade)
12pm The Aleford Band
1pm The Eriador Philharmonic Orchestra
2pm Department of Harmony and Song
3pm Andune Ensemble
4pm Thunderstruck
5pm Breakfast Club
6pm P.I.E.
7pm Mardi Gras Party Band
8pm DisEnchanted
9pm Les Beaux Chapeaux

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Sunday, March 19

Big Boar Market (Keilermarkt)

Server: Belegaer

Time: 2pm EDT (7pm CET)

Location: Boar Fountain (Marktplatz am Keilerbrunnen), Bree

Description: The market has always been regarded not only as a starting point for trade, but also as one of the most exciting and colourful events with a wide range of programs. (Denn seit jeher gilt der Markt nicht nur als Anlaufstelle für den Handel, sondern darüber hinaus auch als eine der aufregendsten und buntesten Veranstaltungen, die mit allerlei Programm aufwartet.)

Bullroarer Took Day Pub Crawl

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 3pm

Location: Starts at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving, proceeds around to all the inns in the Shire before ending at the Green Dragon in Bywater

Description: We’ll start at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving for a song or two and a pint or two, and then go to Hobbiton’s Ivy Bush for a song or two and a pint or two, and then…well, you get the idea. We’ll circle around to the Plough & Stars, the Golden Perch, the Floating Log, and finally stop at the Green Dragon in Bywater for a closing party.  A different soloist or small group can play a couple of songs, recite a poem, or tell a short tale at each inn. There’s also an opportunity for larger bands to play at the closing party. Please come prepared with songs that feel right in an Irish pub setting. The wearing of green is encouraged and all races are welcome. Light RP is also encouraged but not enforced.

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Monday, March 20

Instant Play

Server: Gwaihir

Time: 2pm EDT (7pm CET)

Location: Bree West Stables

Description: Concert

Ales and Tales

Server: Landroval

Time: 8:30pm for Nibbles & Nobs, 9:30pm for Ales & Tales

Location: The Wardspire, Ered Luin [17.8S, 90.1W]

Description:  Volunteer to tell a tale, sing a song, recite a new poem, anything you wish to share with others in an RP setting. Nibbles and Nobs offers an open stage to all performers, while Ales and Tales features a house band and scheduled performers (all are welcome to sign up).  Location changes every week, so /joinchannel alesandtales to find out more information.

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Tuesday, March 21

The Overhill Otters in concert

Server: Laurelin

Time: 3:30pm EDT (7:30pm GMT)

Location: Overhill, The Shire

Description: The Overhill Otters, Miss Pycella and Master Mermund, are planning to give a small concert in no otter place than Overhill where they both grew up. They welcome all their friends and Shire folks to join the fun around the small pond in the village centre.

Exploring the Lord of the Rings–On Location

Server: Landroval

Time: 9:30pm

Location: Lore Hall across from the Cat Lady’s House, Bree

Description: A free in-depth reading of the trilogy with the Tolkien Professor which will bring in other works that affected the story and considers new angles and aspects.   The course takes place every Tuesday throughout January on a different server each week, followed by a field trip to a relevant site.  Go to Discord or Twitch to follow the discussion.

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Wednesday, March 22

Tunes and Ales

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 11am and 10:30pm

Location: Aughaire, Angmar

Description: Midweek Tunes and Ales is a weekly event every Wednesday at 10:30pm and 11:00am servertime.  It’s always in a different place each week, we could be at Weathertop or Rivendell, maybe even the depths of Moria, playing music throughout Middle Earth!  We welcome all travelers who are passing through to join if like to share a tune, story, or just dance!

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Thursday, March 23

Eriador Music Society

Server: Landroval

Time: 10:30pm

Location: Founder’s Statue, Michel Delving, The Shire

Description: Concert

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Coming soon:

Polnolunie will present a mystical rock concert, the Ice Horseman, on the Laurelin server on March 25th at 2pm EDT/6pm GMT/21:00 MSK.  Legendary heroes, strange creatures, sad lyrical stories–all with stunning words and music.

OAKS features ARDA next Sunday on Laurelin at 2:30pm EDT/7:30pm BST.  ARDA will be on the rise, lifting everyone up with their brilliantly beautiful music.


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    • Sorry for the belated reply, I don’t get any alert about comments on this page. Do you mean our Google calendar or the one on the official forums at If the latter, it is because the forums were down for a while on Saturday. You can also only see events on that one while logged in. If the former, I cannot explain but will look into it–I had no problems with it myself. I strongly recommend using the Google calendar over the forums calendar, because only a small fraction of community events are listed on the forums one.

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