Antipodean Writer: The Paths of the Dead



They come! They come!
The Dead they come!
With flickering banners, muted drum
Armoured in fear, The Dead draw near!
By Erech’s Stone, here they atone
Remembered oath, eld days when loath
Isildur’s summons they refuse
Today by Erech they must choose
To obey summons. Rest in peace!
At last Isildur’s curse will cease.

They come! They come!
The Dead are come!
With flickering spears and sounding drum
The Dead appear and drawing near
They storm the ships at Pelargir
Driving the pirates to the sea
To drown – all who attempt to flee
Turn mad with horrors, torments, fear
As the oathbreaking Dead draw near!

They came! They came!
The Dead they came!
The Dead redeemed their tarnished name!
The King appears. Nor the Dead fears.
Twilight flickers on shadowy spears.
Their oath fulfilled. The Dead released.
At last! For when the fighting ceased
A sigh like many thousand leaves
In a dark forest as it grieves
For light lost, life gone: waxes, wanes.
All The Dead left the battle-plains
Where did all those dead spirits go?
No tale tells nor path will show.

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Antipodean Writer

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  1. That is beautiful!

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