March of the King Fully Voiced


The March of the King update added a large amount of story beats for players to experience and enjoy.  From remembering the fallen at Pelennor Fields to sneaking into the towers of The Black Gate, March of the King is a journey players will remember for years to come.


The Start

March of the King starts off with what might be the most epic collection quest in LOTRO.  I just feel sorry for the guy that has to clean up the rest of the body.


The March

SSG made Aragorn’s march be far more epic than I ever expected.  This really is already one of my favorite cinematics in the game.



THE FEELS! – Seriously this was one of the saddest moments in LOTRO yet.


The Fortress

Minas Morgul is creepy cool. I can’t wait to explore inside in a future update.


The Riches

This is easily my favorite questline in March of the King.  It is a unique and original story for LOTRO and I hope we get more unique quests like this in Mordor.


The Precious

Gollum, Gollum.


The Whisper

I never realized I wanted to hear a dwarf whisper battle cries but man, this is funny.  I hope we get plenty of comedy as we head into Mordor.  I have a feeling we are going to need it.


The Gate

We are getting so close to Mordor it hurts.  I can’t wait to have more epic moments like this inside Mordor.


The End

March of the King ends with a lot of annoying and meaningless quests.  With such a great update, it is disappointing the side quests could not have ended on a higher note.  I hope the side quests are meaningful throughout Mordor and we get a strong ending that makes us glad we stuck around until the end of the expansion.

Overall, I think March of the King was a great addition to LOTRO.  It has great side quests sprinkled throughout the zone and the Epic Story is epic. While I wish the zone had a stronger finish, I enjoyed my journey to the end.

A big thanks to Standing Stone Games for making the story for us to experience.

If you would like to see more March of the King, you can watch the full series here and you can subscribe to Andang on YouTube for more LOTRO videos and video series.

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