LOTRO Players News Episode 193: Pineleaf’s Angels


This week we add a new member to the LOTRO Players News team.

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Update 20 beta 2: Recent Changes, Cosmetics and Pets

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Community Events: March 10th-16th

LOTRO Update 20: The Wastes is coming

LOTRO Update 20: Fellowship crafting instances

Screenshots from U20

New cloak and what to do when U20 hits live

A New Book for Musical Ninnies

The Family Line Part 125 – The Blood Path

Embers of Hope Chapter 3: Days of Plenty

Critters Journey [54] Ungratefull robes and white sticks



New Player Question (Aerindys)

What is a Reflecting Pool, and how does it work?




  • Ran 3 of 4 Fornost on Marvlus my fetching lady dwarf hunter on the stream with Arathaert…surprise, we kept wiping on Shadow
  • Ran all kinds of errands around Houses of Healing with Teri and Sanswinda
  • Had my first PUG experiences doing the box runs, kept dying when fighting Coldbear the Wight (even after he was dead!)



  • Heard Merry’s tale of the Ent Moot, which was highly amusing.
  • Tried sneaking through Minas Tirith avoiding knowing scholars with little success. Took a break to use a reflecting pool for the first time before successfully finding my way through Minas Tirith with the helpful directions of Teri and Maven.
  • Rode a heavy warsteed pretending to be a champion. It was not pretty or easy, but the story was pretty cool.



  • Discovered Elfhelm’s Secret.
  • Landroval!Teri got a makeover for post-battle Minas Tirith.
  • Finally got that last encounter for Strike Against Dannenglor: Teri is 4 skirmishes away from Skirmisher of Middle-earth!



  • My main warden finally completed the Bingo Boffin story
  • My champion reached level 46 and is failing at the class quest.
  • During the field trip, we ran Pony and Attack at Dawn before continuing Wildermore




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