Update 20 beta 2: recent changes, cosmetics and pets


A second beta version is out on Bullroarer now and we have received some changes based on player feedback on the forums. Some positive, some a little bit less, depending on the player.

The changes since U20 Beta 1


Notable Changes Since U20 Beta 1:

Minor adjustment to Chat UI so that text doesn’t get cut-off at the bottom.
In response to feedback, the Mark/Medallion cost increase of the Small Reputation Acceleration Tome has been reduced somewhat.
In response to feedback, Imbued legacy tiers will no longer increase with U20. Please note that if you unlocked all imbued legacy tiers in U20 Beta #1, you might note some oddities on your Bullroarer character. Please equip a new legendary item if you encounter difficulty.
Guardian Follow Through now increases Shield-Smash targets to 8 when fully traited. Follow Through increases Shield-Smash targets by +2 at rank 1, +2 more at rank 2, and +3 more at rank 3.

On two of these people still have different opinions. One is that the cost of reputation accelerators should be decreased even more, since it is still only making it harder for those lower level players who do not have that big influx of marks and medalions – and that is only IF they are playing group content. The other one is removing the legacy level increase. Obviously, the LIs are meant to grow with us and we did not grow… in level. But I would still say that we did grow in experience since the last time we increased the tiers… Pelennor, North Ithilien, Throne of the Dread Terror and now the Wastes. In a way we did grow and I wouldn’t mind 5 additional level per legacy added. I guess one of the reasons they are there is so we actually have a feeling that we are growing and leveling in some way since the leveling of our characters is locked behind much more coding than just using a scroll and being done with it, otherwise we would level more often too.

Also changed is the will cloak. Hopefully due to it not just being a placeholder in the previous build, but also listening to the player feedback, like they did with reputation tomes and legacies. Now the cloak gives critical rating and has the stats tilted more towards a dps role. It also has the cloak graphic too now.

The cloak cosmetic is a hooded version with a worn out, torn look.

More cosmetics

This update has also introduced more cosmetic items. Some are from the flower barterers and some are from the new reputation vendors. We have four shields and two greatswords and two new floral items with a North Ithilien theme. I do not have the swords here as they do not fit in view and didn’t want to only show hilts, but cosmetic is actually really nice.

Other than those, there are three new pets in the area – three new dogs. One is from the beginning of the new quest line and two others are bartered for.

The pocket item has also received its own graphic instead of the placeholder from the previous build.


Dagorlad nodes

The new Dagorlad nodes are not the “real” crafting tier or something similar, this is an upgrade to the Anorien tier and they do not contain materials such as Anorien ore, but other crafting, barter and critical items needed for the new area. So, adding to the previous article about what to do, you should also pick up these items for later.

When asking Cordovan on his stream about making Dagorlad nodes a quest item, instead of a landscape node I received an answer that they do not plan to change this. I am not entirely sure that he understood I meant the crafting instance nodes, especially fellowship ones. Like I wrote here before, your fellowship member could run out of a fight or just be faster than you and pick up the node and you would get nothing. Which certainly isn’t appealing to anyone.

In case the barter items do not change, and give that the level isn’t changing I doubt the barter items will either, you may want to keep some of these for getting the reputation with The Host of the West done faster. Even if you don’t collect any before, two runs of Warg Pens will give you enough for 10 tasks worth.


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