LOTRO Players News Episode 192: Rivendell Bridges


This week we discuss the preview of update 20 and have a guest.

Game News

Bullroarer Update 20 Patch Notes

Dagorlad, Noman-lands & The Slag-hills – Update 20 Beta Videos

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Community Events: March 3rd-9th

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Embers of Hope Chapter 2: Phantom Victory

The Family Line Part 124 – Failure Too Far Afield

Critters Journey [53] Whispers of a Dadukill

Poems of the Pine: The Dawnless Day


Brax’s memorial pick of the week: Lina’s Biscuity Burrow U20 Edition


New Player Question

Do you tend to copy a character to Bullroarer or create a new character when you play on Bullroarer? What are the pros and cons of copying/creating?




  • I got to ride with Theoden, and it was amazingly epic!!!
  • Failed to amuse the Woses with my laughter, despite the fact I was rolling on the ground… but I didn’t Rivendell that bridge.
  • Died trying to protect farmers in Wildermore. Facing mounted foes on my warsteed was a better idea.



  • Had a great time with Grrrlz, getting Fidwik to 105 and helping Teri get closer to Skirmish of M-e (and keeping the twins alive at the Fords)
  • Relived the Battle of Pelennor Fields with Meyvan, got to listen to Sanswinda squee
  • Ran around Nomansland on Bullroarer



  • Fourth time was the charm getting RK Lashillien through the end of Volume 4, Book 4.
  • Led the field trip around Wildermore, killing all of the things around Forlaw.
  • Ran Landroval!Teriadwyn through Urugarth working on slayer deeds, breezed through it and only got slightly lost twice.



  • In the field trip, we quested through the farms of Wildermore
  • I drove Teriadwyn crazy by using my mouse to activate my skills
  • Previewed the Update 20 changes on Bullroarer


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer

How Will the New Ring Work? – Shadow of War Theory


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Featured Comments



Louni (aka Fin) wrote in to say:


Great show, always a fun listen!  Just wanted to comment on Virtues a bit.  I agree with Karv about Zeal on both counts, it’s a great RP virtue, but for me even better gaming virtues.  It’s one that I think most players will agree is good for all classes, and should be equipt by all.  Also want to mention that all the other ones that were talked about that have the Tac and Phys Mits, and the ones with Phys and Tac Mastery, are also great to have leveled up.  However, I think I heard something about not being able to get essences with for Phys and Tac Mits.  Actually you can, I think the 105 essences you were thinking of that you can’t get is one for resistance. Thanks again for a great show, and keep them coming!!


Louni, aka Fin

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