Poems of the Pine: The Dawnless Day


The corsairs threaten the southern lands of Gondor.

Book 2 – The Dawnless Day

The fleet of Gondor
Was frozen in port
By Balakhor the Scourge’s
Belligerent fleet.
With the City of Swans
Surrounded by foes
We headed for Pelargir,
The Port of Gondor.
From the east the clouds
Covered the sky
To make the night
Unnaturally long.
The people we met
Panicked from the dark
As corsairs raided
The coastal towns.
Yet hope was not lost
For in Linhir we found
A man who danced
The darkness away.
He saw the visage
Of the victor of old:
Thorongil who thrashed
The threats of Umbar.
This hero was Aragorn
Whose happy return
Cast the corsairs from Pelargir.
Balakhor’s plans
Were balked at last
As the faithless fulfilled their oaths.

With the corsairs defeated, it is time to head for Minas Tirith?

Pineleaf Needles

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