LOTRO Players News Episode 189: Will Accessorize for Mumaks


This week Teriadwyn has some alternate suggestions for purchases with LOTRO Points.

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Critters journey [51] A lostiphaunt





  • Forochel follies
  • Nearly was killed by the super nasty mammoth roving threat
  • Played interior decorator for a little bit.


  • Got a new pretty horse, Arkenstone Hunter got a makeover to match.
  • Landroval!Teri is now only 5 skirmishes away from Skirmisher of Middle-earth.


  • During the field trip, we completed the Moria skirmishes then headed into Lorien.
  • Recorded a response to Andang’s question on what we’d like to see in Mordor.
  • My champion killed some salamanders and solved some riddles for a crazed man in Evendim.



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  1. My Arkenstone characters seem to be following along. My RK is 45, finished Evendim then Misty is currently in Goblintown and needs to group up to do Thundergrot on level, then off to Forochel. My Champ is 55 just finished epic in Forochel and ran away from the same mumak/mammoth.

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