Community Events: February 10th-16th


Community Calendar:

This listing of featured events is only published on Fridays, but our Google calendar is kept up to date throughout the week and includes details on many more activities.  Take a look at this week’s agenda for upcoming events around LOTRO and copy some or all events to your personal calendar.  You may add events or post corrections in the comments section, but the fastest and best way to get it on this page and on the calendar is to submit a form.

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Friday, February 10

The Fluffy Unicorns Jam Session

Server: Landroval

Time: 9pm

Location: Prancing Pony Stables

Description: All bands are welcome to come and jam in a round robin style every other Friday.


Story Night in the Shire

Server: Landroval

Time: 9pm

Location: The Gardens, Michel Delving

Description: Blume-ing Umbrellas theme, but any tale is welcome.  Typically the 2nd Fryday, once in a blue moon gets a bump due to Holly Days. Feel free to bring a story, poem or song to share.  Release a carrier pidgeon in the Shire /regional if you can’t find us.  This month’s location: the Gardens in Michel Delving.


Saturday, February 11

The HOPE and Iron Maiden: Be Quick or Be Dead

Server: Landroval

Time: 1pm

Location: Prancing Pony Stage

Description: Small orchestra The HOPE presents a program of the best songs of Iron Maiden


February OAKS: Instant Play

Server: Laurelin

Time: 3pm (8pm GMT)

Location: Town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

Description: Gwaihir’s Instant Play comes to party on Laurelin for this month’s edition of OAKS


Sunday, February 12

Hearts A’fyre Concert

Server: Brandywine

Time: 12pm

Location: The Bird and Baby Inn courtyard, Michel Delving, The Shire

Description: Minstrel Guild of Bree is hosting the first ever Hearts A’Fyre concert on Brandywine in honor of Valentine’s Day.  It will be the first of many events to be hosted by Minstrel Guild of Bree which was formed to promote music events on Brandywine.  Current lineup includes Goblinfyre, Harlequins, and Runic Knights Orchestra.  Any other interested bands can still sign up on their website.


The Wedding Feast of Thandili & Byli

Server: Laurelin

Time: 2:30pm for ceremony, 3pm for feast (20:30/21:00 GMT)

Location: Spire of Brandfell for the ceremony, The Bear & Barrel Inn, 2 Highspires Street Brandfell for feast

Description: Only dwarves are welcome at the ceremony.  All races are welcomed at the feast, which will include music from the Remediators.  Dress is ceremonial for both.


Monday, February 13

Michel Delving Market

Server: Laurelin

Time: 2:30pm (7:30pm GMT) on Monday and Tuesday

Location: Michel Delving crafting area

Description: Some of the residents of Michel Delving, Waymeet, and the Southfarthing skilled in various crafts have decided to come together and make clothes and armour, weapons, food rations, dyes, useful trinkets, and other things that young hobbits not yet past their tweens might find useful, and to organise a market in Michel Delving to sell them.  The market is open every other Monday and Tuesday.


Ales and Tales

Server: Landroval

Time: 8:30pm for Nibbles & Nobs, 9:30pm for Ales & Tales

Location: Top pavillion at Duillond, Ered Luin

Description:  Volunteer to tell a tale, sing a song, recite a new poem, anything you wish to share with others in an RP setting. Nibbles and Nobs offers an open stage to all performers, while Ales and Tales features a house band and scheduled performers (all are welcome to sign up).  Location changes every week, so /joinchannel alesandtales  to find out more information.


Tuesday, February 14

Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band: My Precious Valentine

Servers: Landroval and Crickhollow

Time: 7pm on Landroval, 8:30pm on Crickhollow

Location: Bree Park

Description: SHOW THE LOVE and join the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band for an hour presentation and bring your precious.


Exploring the Lord of the Rings–On Location

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 9:30pm

Location: Lore Hall across from the Cat Lady’s House, Bree

Description: A free in-depth reading of the trilogy with the Tolkien Professor which will bring in other works that impacted the story and considers new angles and aspects.   The course takes place every Tuesday throughout January on a different server each week, and is followed by a field trip to a relevant location.  Go to Discord or Twitch to follow the discussion.


Wednesday, February 15

Tunes and Ales

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 11am and 10:30pm

Location: Cerin Amroth, Lothlorien

Description: Midweek Tunes and Ales is a weekly event every Wednesday at 10:30pm and 11:00am servertime.  It’s always in a different place each week, we could be at Weathertop or Rivendell, maybe even the depths of Moria, playing music throughout Middle Earth!  We welcome all travelers who are passing through to join if like to share a tune, story, or just dance!


Bright Star

Server: Landroval

Time: 9:30pm

Location: Bree Park

Description: Bright Star plays every other week following DisEnchanted (who play every week at 8:30pm)


Thursday, February 16

Stammtisch zum Efeubusch

Server: Belegaer

Time: 2pm

Location: Gasthaus Efeubusch, Hobbingen, Auenland

Description: Der “Stammtisch zum Efeubusch” lädt jede Woche donnerstags zum offenen und gemütlichen Treffen in das gleichnamige Gasthaus nach Hobbingen an der Wässer ein.  Ab der achten Abendstunde freuen sich die Stammtischler auf Besucher aus aller Welt, mit denen ausgelassen über den neusten Klatsch und Tratsch geplaudert, so mancher Krug gehoben und gewitzelt wird.

Coming soon:

Shire Rose presents the annual Romance Dance on Laurelin February 18th at 2:30pm EST/7:30pm GMT at the Methel Stage in Hobbiton.  As the cold winds an’ snows start ter fade, the first signs of spring are waking all round. Tis the time when a young hobbits mind turns ter thoughts of finding that special someone ter share their cozy burrow with, or just ter make new friends!   What better place then a dance, ter shake off the cobwebs of winter and join in the first stirring of Spring and possible romance. Come alone or bring a friend, who knows what the night will bring?  Get out yer bestest dresses and suits, prizes will be awarded to the best couple/maiden/lad.

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