LOTRO Academy: After School – Episode 12B


LOTRO Academy: After School - Episode 12B

LOTRO Academy: After School is our monthly live show where we talk about what each of us have been up to during the month and answer questions from the live chat. Thanks for listening.

LOTRO Academy: After School is recorded live on the last Friday of the month and posted when I can get to it. Join us at The Players Alliance mixlr at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the last Friday of the month to listen live and participate in the Q&A. Or show up early for the pre-show banter.

We are now using listener submitted screenshots for the episode coverart! Send your LOTRO screenshots to podcast at lotroacademy.com to enter. The coverart image will be chosen by the live audience during the broadcast.


  1. Barnabras /

    Does the Academy have a tribe? Maybe call it “burnthebooks”? The best attitude to have in Pvmp is hyper-aggression and total indifference to video game defeat. It is amazing how many fights you can win by just running at the enemy. Many times they freak and run. Once they turn their back they are done.

  2. Michel Lamontagne /

    Well, it looks as though I’m coming back to Lotro (let’s say my goal for 2016 has been transferred to 2017). I’ve created a new character last week, Niveole (as in Nivéole d’été, the french appellation of the Summer Snowflake or Leucojum aestivum), a Hobbit-lass minstrel. I’ve played 21 hours with her so far. She’s level 23 now. I have to agree with Teri (who had suggested that last year for a smooth return to the game), it was a good idea. Many things have changed since I stopped playing some two years ago, and it helps me to re-learn the minstrel slowly but surely. And I’m really enjoying doing the earlier zones again. So many memories.

    I had never stopped listening to the podcasts – it’s always a pleasure to hear those familiar voices – but to get back in the mood, I’ve gone back and listened to some older episodes like the ones on stats, the Saswinda Asks series, and the Everything Under ‘J’. It has helped me to recall many little things I had forgotten. As always, that podcast is still very useful, and fun to listen to. I’m eager to listen to an episode on the minstrel since that is surely my favorite class now (the warden is a close second choice).

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again.


    P.S. ‘Glaurung, first introduced in The Silmarillion, is described as the Father of Dragons in Tolkien’s legendarium…’ from the Dragon (Middle-earth) article on wikipedia, an interesting read.

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