LOTRO Players News Episode 188: Chalice of Tea


This week we talked about Uupdate 19.3, had some fun discussing the frustrations of the LI system and learned just how hard it can be remember Pineleaf.

Game News

Update 19.3 Release Notes


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week  February 3rd -9th

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  • Quest Packs
  • Mithril Coins
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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: February 3rd-9th

A Tour of Lore – Part 1.1 – Bree-land | Archet Dale

The Family Line Part 120 – The Threat from the North

Exploring Lord of the Rings: Gandalf and the Great Ring




New Player Question

My LIs are almost ready to imbue. I took advantage of the store sale to buy some legacy replacement scrolls so I could have the legacies I want in place before I imbue.

  1. The scrolls don’t have an upper level limit
  2. I selected a replacement for the correct weapon
  3. I selected a minor legacy to replace a minor legacy
  4. The new legacy would be lower ranked than the old legacy

And the system didn’t let me make the replacement. Any ideas why? What am I missing?




  • Ran Glordriel solo through Urugarth multiple times to complete deeds for virtue leveling; it was great revenge for going through on level
  • Cocommentated Hobnanigans tournament with Forte, brought along my frying pans,  and lost count of how many times he said “Pinetree countdown”
  • Listened to the melodious jangling of my steed harness while I walked through Sutcroft fields beheading orcs



  • Forochel is BIG, REALLY Big.
  • Was reminded how important it is to look at your morale bar BEFORE pulling several mobs.
  • Fell victim to the MMO trap… just one more quest.



  • Led the Grrlz of Middle-earth around Evendim and Misty Mountains looking for Roving Threats (missed one in Evendim that just could not be found anywhere).
  • Ran my hunter on Arkenstone through some Evendim questing and got run over by the Roving Threat I’d missed earlier in the week.
  • Did some low-key skirmishing (responsibly!) with Landroval!Teri, who is only 6 skirmishes away from getting her Skirmisher of Middle-earth title.



  • During the field trip, we continued the epic story up to the Deep-way skirmish.
  • My Crickhollow champion ran several skirmishes and reached level 102.
  • Watched Stine’s adventure’s in the Barrow Downs.



News Beyond LOTRO

MisAdventures in Middle-Earth – 8:30 pm CST on SignumU’s twitch channel – LOTR game in a D&D style RPG set in Wilderland between the time of the Hobbit and the Fellowship of the Ring.


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  1. Regarding Li question it’s best to ask directly in game but 2 common reasons are:
    1. This LI already have the same legacy (yes, I’ve seen that case several times already)
    2. This LI need reforge.

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