LOTRO Players News Episode 186: Even Snootier Elves


This week we talk about adjustable housing hooks and High Elves.

Game News

Adjustable Housing Hooks – Update 19.3 Beta

High Elves – New Playable Race With Mordor Expansion

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LOTRO Players News

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Mûmak in Middle-earth

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  • Finished March of the King



  • Realized yesterday that I hadn’t played LOTRO in 2 weeks, shuddered a little bit.
  • Played my Beorning on the Free 2 Play stream… was defeated A LOT, felt like I was out of practice.
  • Found out that Mrs Karv doesn’t like spiders in LOTR no matter the format.  They are too big.



  • Started Minstrels on Laurelin, Gwaihir, Sirannon, and Belegaer.  Trying to get a Mini on each server.
  • Caught my Champion up to Theoden and the Riders pre-Pelennor.
  • Got my Warden ¼ complete on Hytbold (Kin w/ Sutcrofts.)
  • Got my Hunter his first legendary and into Moria.
  • Advanced all of my crafting/social/RP alts up to the Forsaken Inn to help my kids with back-up.



  • Reactivated my RK after a long hiatus. After making 200 hope tokens and attaining guild status, she took to the streets of Snowbourn to prepare the citizenry for anticipated onslaught.
  • Completed the Houses of Healing chain that I hadn’t realized existed.
  • Went RTing with the Grrrlz



  • Skirmished extremely irresponsibly to see how fast I could get through Strike at Dannenglor on Landroval!Teriadwyn (3 minutes).
  • Ran some 3-mans with Sans and Maven, killed all the things.
  • “Short” run in the Moors that went way longer than intended and resulted in some tasty nomz. Little bit closer to Rank 8!



  • Brushed off my Crickhollow champion, reached level 101, and imbued my weapon.
  • My Gladden champion reached Evendim. I had to dodge a roving threat at the catapult.
  • Finished Bingo Boffin on Arkenstone and learned how the horseshoe operates there.



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Big Ed Mustafa writes:

Hello LOTRO Players’ News,
While speaking with Cordovan, the community manager from Standing Stone Games, Andang asked if Cordovan knew of any other MMOs that have been “returned” to their development team from the publisher.  I am happy to report that at least one major MMO has undergone this same transition, and with rousing success.

EVE Online was originally published by Simon and Schuster Interactive, an electronic media division of the well known book publisher.  Launched in May of 2003, EVE Online was well received.  Simon and Schuster, however, was going through some corporate restructuring and the board decided that interactive media wasn’t part of their core business interests and the division was put up for sale.

CCP regained the publishing rights for EVE Online and they self-published the game online.  After a number of years, CCP also signed distribution deals with Steam for electronic distribution, and with Atari Games for physical (box) distribution once again in 2009.

Eve Online not only survived the collapse of their publisher, the game is going strong heading into its fourteenth year after retail launch.  EVE Online has spawned additional games including Dust 514 and EVE: Valkyrie.  Eve Online boasts 500,000+ monthly subscribers, and has recently added a free-to-play model to give new pilots more opportunity to learn the game’s complexities before subscribing.

I was excited when I heard the news about the formation of Standing Stone Games.  Having the development teams for DDO and LOTRO take control of the games will likely be very beneficial to the long term health of both franchises.

Big Ed Mustafa
@Big_Ed_Mustafa (Twitter)

P.S. – I sourced some of the specifics for this e-mail from Wikipedia, so you know the information is super-legit!

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  1. Barnabras /

    High elves….hmmm so their avatar will have blood shot eyes and they will stumble about? I really hope any changes they make to the avatar will not worsen the current lag problems. Seems like any intense graphic changes causes lots of issues.

  2. Flosiin /

    I’m with you Teri- Hobbit Champion!

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