LOTRO Academy: 138 – LOTRO Goals for 2017


LOTRO Academy: 138 - LOTRO Goals for 2017

Branick, Teriadwyn, Pineleaf, Sanswinda, and Mortumbra kick off the first episode of the new year with a LOTRO Academy tradition. It’s time for another LOTRO Goals episode, in which we set our goals for 2017 as well as look back on our goals from 2016. Thanks for listening.

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    Need to update that I guess I’ll call it Disclaimer at the end… No More WB/Turbine

    And speaking of that, why in the world is this the only podcast that has that? And another thing, all the other Players Alliance shows talk about the other shows at the end and when they are, why does Academy never do that?

    • Nice catch. I do need to re-record the notice at the end. I can’t speak for any other podcast, so I don’t know why they may not have such a notice, but I can speak to why LOTRO Academy does: Because I always strive to be careful in regards to copyright and trademark use. It’s the same reason I composed the intro and outro music myself, to minimize the potential for legal issues.

      As for why we don’t list off the other Player’s Alliance shows at the end of every episode, I suppose it comes down to habit, or tradition. This podcast predates the Player’s Alliance, and the LOTRO Players website. Our show format has evolved a bit over the years, but for better or worse, that has never really been a consideration of mine. Maybe it should be? I will give it some thought, but my intention when moving LOTRO Academy over to this site was to retain independent control. I still give out the link as lotracademy.com. I generally only mention LOTRO Players when the context warrants it, knowing that lotroacademy.com will redirect to LOTRO Players anyway, and point traffic in that direction. I’m proud to have been a part of LOTRO Players since the beginning of the website, but I was just as happy before the move. It was very important to me that the move not have an effect on the content of the podcast itself.

      I guess the short answer could be that, unlike other podcasts on this network, LOTRO Academy was not created for it, and would have continued with or without the Players Alliance. I didn’t move the podcast over (which took quite a bit of work on my part) because I needed to, but because I believed in the vision Andang described to me and wanted to help support it in whatever way I could.

      Also, maybe I’m just lazy? Sometimes? I will give the idea some thought, but hopefully that explains why it hasn’t really come up before. 🙂

  2. Winterale /

    This comment is in response to your solicit for content the listeners would like to hear. I love your class episodes. Your episode on captains has more or less convinced me to change my main from a guardian to a captain (stuff dies a lot faster!).

    I would particularly love to hear about hunters and rune keepers. One of my personal goals for 2017 in lotro is to finely give into my alt-addiction (you guys have inspired me).

    As always, love the podcast. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice marks all around on LOTRO goals this year, well done! Props to Branick on getting through the Countdown and all that good stuff considering other stuff that happened – 2017 will hopefully be a much more awesomer year for ya!

    I guess I should have gone back during 2016 and at least checked out what my goals were that year to try and better accomplish ’em. Oh well, winging it!

    2016 Goals:
    1) Get at least three characters currently at or under level 20 to level 50. Get at least three of my characters on any server to level 100. Get at least my 6 current capped to level 105, if the timing of the level cap raise permits.

    *Got a burg on Brandy from 0-101, a Champ on Evernight from around 20-52…so 2/3 on the first bit.
    **Brandy burg past 100, Guardian on Arkenstone to 105…again 2/3 on this one.
    ***I do believe I got 6 characters 100-105…sub-goal accomplished.

    2) Either get my level 60 Lore-master to 65, OR another current level 14 LM to 30, and not be just crafting them up. My LM antipathy needs to be clobbered a bit.

    *Landy LM is currently 66, goal accomplished.

    3) Get at least one character into a full set of essence slotted armor, if it remains to be the way to gear.

    *This one was a fail…I may have a character or two with a piece or two of essence armor, but that’s pretty much it. Have some non-equipped empty pieces, never bothered to gear up that way. Still not in sync with the essence system, when it’s not required for solo or easier group play.

    4) Why not, take three (at least). Skirmisher of Middle Earth on my Landy hunter.

    *Success! The RNG smiled upon me long enough to grant me the needed encounters to complete this on my Landy hunter, goal accomplished.


    2017 goals:

    1) Reach 105 on at least three current non-capped characters (likely a burg, a warden, and…someone else).

    2) Reach level…uh, 65 on Beorning (currently 35). Reach, say, 85 on Captain (currently 65).

    3) Reach level 40 on my challenge dwarf champion (currently 34…no questing allowed, can only gain experience through enemy kills & very minor prospecting/forestry crafting just to rank up those ’cause I’m out there anyways)

    4) Do all the available (soloable?) epic content I can on another character, of any level (probably my guardian?), cause I’ve only honestly ever done it once (or close enough to once).


    As per show subjects, maybe you could do an updated episode on Housing? According to what I searched, last time you specifically did it was Episode 51 (early May 2012?), unless you already did it. Naturally do it some time after the hook positioning update.

    Also, more zone reviews/class roundtables are always welcomed (though I’m sure y’all know that)! Perhaps a general episode on instances that have been added since, say, Minas Tirith or so. You could cover regular scaled intances, as well as the two Epic Battles.

    I’d say do an episode on fishing, but alas it hasn’t changed since your 2011 episode *sadpanda*

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