Poems of the Pine: The Road to Gondor


With Rohan saved, it is now time to head for Gondor as we start a new volume.

Book 1 – The Road to Gondor

A lad was lost
In the lonely path
Where the dead had dwelt
Since the dawn of the age.
When the boy was safe
We braved the depths
To reach the realm
Where the ruthless went.
We arrived in Gondor,
The glorious realm
That fought the masses
Of Mordor’s host.
We aided the people
Imperiled by the dead
And eased the road
For the roving folk.
Near the city of swans
We saw a haven
That was captured by Corsairs
And Castamir’s heirs.
In the caves near the waters
There watched some elves
Who made us a messenger
To the maiden Lothíriel.
With the threat now known
To the thousands in her care
Lothíriel was in need of her knights.
As we gathered the swans
We saved the realm
From the nasty grasp of a Nazgûl.

What does these Corsairs have in store for us?

Pineleaf Needles

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