Bree Town’s New Lore Hall


Hello There!

I bring happy news… Yay

The new lore hall in Bree is live and it is divine! I can’t stress how much I love it.

A wonderous venue for Exploring Lord of The Rings with Prof. Corey Olsen.

Also another wonderful aspect of this venue is the stage!

The Buggins’s Bands, which are The Ninny Hammers (2.00pm EST Saturdays) and the all new community classical group The Eriador Philharmonic Orchestra (and Chamber Music Group) dates and times TBA will be co-opting this venue for their events. I have long wished for an indoor venue to call home and this one does not disappoint.

Just leaves me to thank the Devs and Standing Stone Games as well as Signum University.

Happy Happy Joy Joy… (Yes the Ninny’s can play this for you on request)



  1. Juneith /

    Where do we find it?

  2. Palwyn /

    hmm.. where did you found this hall.. i am just running through Bree and cant find it *sigh*

  3. Not sure why there is a Gondorian style building in the middle of Bree. Sigh…

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