Poems of the Pine: The Waters of Isengard


What will we find in Isengard now that that Saruman’s army has been defeated?

Book 14 – The Waters of Isengard

With the battle won
We wondered how
The traitor Saruman
Would take the loss.
With the king we headed
To the keep of the wizard
Where Galdalf would carry
The council’s judgement.
Along the road
The rangers we met
So at last the Grey
Greeted their chief.
Reunited we went
To the wizard’s home
Which was flooded with waters
From the wood’s revenge.
Then we started our search
For stranded Lothrondir
Who was kept in dungeons
By the daughter of no name.
We searched all the nooks
Until the nameless appeared
To mock the memory
Of our missing friend.
Yet when all seemed lost
We learned the truth
And freed our friend from his fetters.
As for the nameless daughter
Whose nature changed
We made her name Mercy.

And what is victory without Mercy?

Pineleaf Needles

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  1. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    great poem as always bro ;D revives the memory of this “epic” epic quests!
    PS: think the ranger is named Lothrandir if not mistaken, small typo there ;D
    Epic 2017 *toast*

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