LOTRO Players News Episode 181: Eriador on Six Coppers a Day


This week we talk about the Yule festival update coming up and news from the site.

Game News

Update 19.2 will go live on Monday

The Yule festival will go live when the servers come back up after the update


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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: December 16th-22nd

Antipodean Writer: Lost stanzas to: The Song of Thorin

Embers of Hope Prologue IV: Danger in the Dark

Embers of Hope Chapter I: Journey to the South

The Family Line Part 113 – The Girl in Red

Poems of the Pine: War in the Westemnet

Brax’s memorial pick of the week: LOTRO Bree Beginner’s Guide


New Player Question

Do skraids give us lieutenants that we don’t find in lower group numbers?





  • Had a good time “leading” the Tolkien Prof, Dr Corey Olsen and SignumU folks (Maven incl.) through Fil Gashan Thursday night.  My many incapacitations were no doubt entertaining.
  • F2P stream – finished Epic Vol 1 Ch3 in North Downs and started across the TrollShaws.  It’s enjoyable for me to see LOTRO fans from Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand and those are just the ones that I remember.
  • A very special Beardkisser Yulefest special will happen this Thursday, Dec 22nd at 8 PM CST… Bellorina’s first Yulefest.  Mrs Karv is VERY excited!s



  • In Two Dwarves & a Sad Pooh, got laughed at in the Prancing Pony, but Arathaert defended me; then ran Webs of the Scuttledells at level 25 with LadyGunn
  • Poked a Mumak (well, Sanswinda poked it) on the Great Bridge of Osgiliath and got squashed…good times
  • Sorta tanked the Fil Gashan instance with Gryfflet and gang, ably led by Karvador



  • Finals
  • Graduated



  • Old Anorien Quest purchase, but still in Central Gondor
  • Updated Hobnanigans League Live Scoreboard, expanded into Discord
  • ARDAman Cancelled



  • Made it to Osgiliath in the Volume 4 epic story, then got squashed by a Mumak, and got to level 104!
  • Gave some crafting advice to Mom, advised her to take Explorer for the Easily Lost title.



  • During the Arkenstone Academy field trip, we completed Book 3 of the Moria epic.
  • Brushed off my lore-master and resumed the Minas Tirith quests.
  • Crickhollow warden completed the last of the skirmish lieutenant deeds.



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    Andang. Congratulations of finishing college. It is a big step up and I am happy for you. It has been fun to listen since the beginning of the podcast and it feels like catching up with family every week. Keep up the good work!

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