LOTRO Players News Episode 179: Some Terisplaining


This week we talk about a new PvMP controversy and housing news.

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The Family Line Part 111 – A Daring Plan

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Terisplaining: How to copy shared wardrobe to other servers.





  • Saw my shadow in North Ithilien



  • My LM earned her banner of the king emote along with Teri’s RK and Sanswinda
  • Rode with the Academy on Arkenstone for the first time in ages
  • Set up an alt on every single server in preparation to be the stage manager for Corey’s Exploring Lord of the Rings discussion series



  • Hobnanigans Chicken League December Tourney
  • Started playing Gondor West, Central, East



  • Skirmished responsibly with Sanswinda and Meyvan on Lashillien, got a little closer to 103 and properly entered Pelargir.
  • Tanked the featured instance this week with Teriadwyn, ran red line all the way up until the final boss on-level, which I tanked in blue.



  • On the field trip, we quested in the Silvertine Lodes.
  • My champion ran the class quest and helped Adso with a brigand problem.
  • My Beorning helped a lost oliphant.



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