Poems of the Pine: The Golden Hall


Pinesong on Stage

We decide to cross the river despite the king’s orders.

Book 11 – The Golden Hall

Despite the ban
We braved the ford
And galloped to the king
At the Golden Hall.
There Gandalf healed
The Grey-haired king
And expelled the worm
That poisoned the land.
The king decided
To create a force
To march to Isengard
Where the menace dwelt.
And named his niece
To the nasty task
Of bringing the citizens
To a safer place.
We searched for signs
Of the serpent’s deeds
And found the traitors
That took his gold.
Then we spread the word
That as soldiers muster
The people must pack
And prepare to leave.
The crowd watched
As the king assembled
The Riders to Rohan for battle.
While we were charged
To challenge the foes
That lurk in the lands near home.

Can we uproot the traitors within Rohan?

Pineleaf Needles

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