Aradathalion Reviews: Ered Luin


This article (and series to follow)  is not a in depth delving into the region. This is just a Frodo Average’s review of an area combined with some opinion and personal experience mixed in. I hope you enjoy.

This is one of the three (technically four) starter regions in game. This is where Elves and Dwarfs will spend the majority of levels 4-15 (if you complete all the deeds and quests) and learn the ropes.

Aesthetics: This landscape looks like it was drawn by Tolkien himself. It fits his idea of the world with plenty of trees and plants. Some of the views from vistas look like they belong on a postcard. The Elven cities are typical elven cities. Very pretty and architectural followed by porches, bridges, and stairs with absolutely no railings (as typical of elves). Towards the north the Dwarven strongholds are very practical and solidly built. The graveyard with the wights is particularly spooky with the ruins holding the vengeful dead.

Quest quality: The quests in this area (story and side) are very well made and fit in fairly well. The direction is to get you ready for the next real region and prepare you for the challenges ahead. With fun quests like retaking a vineyard because elves are missing their happy juice to serious ones like liberating a hallowed home from goblin invaders the attitude if fairly balanced.

Enemies: The enemies you fight here are your garden (breeding pit) variety baddies ranging from insects to goblins. They aren’t particularly strong early on but the bosses are fairly easy. Just remember to change your gear out to better stuff regularly or you will hit problems. Most quests are soloable for most classes but lighter armor classes will want to take more care to make it to 20 without death.

Easy to Miss locations: One is the Wardspire, which may have once had quests associated with it, and it resides in the upper right corner of the map. You will need this to complete the explorer deed for Ered Luin. The other is Crookdell. You can just find this location but you also start the final story instance there so how you complete that one is your choice.

Personal Story: I had run my warden (my third character) through all the quests and I needed Crookdell for my meta deed for Ered Luin. Before going into the final instance I decided to go find it. I blasted through the area and was trying to just get there and leave. About 200 meters away I died from training to many enemies. Not only did I loose my shot at the undying title to add insult to injury I started the instance and was dropped right there. Doh! I still laugh every time I remember this story.

Conclusion: This region is one for memories. You can learn the ropes and really discover a good portion of what the game has to offer all while having fun and enjoying the game. While you may not be new this was where I cut my LOTRO teeth and it is close to my heart for all the memories it holds.

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  1. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Nice review friend! 🙂
    Great area idd, was there other day ending my deeds… Still got a few quests there to do… Someday!

    Ps: *pat* for the undying title, but a story to tell your grandchildren mauahah ;D
    Safe travels! *swordsalute*

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