LOTRO Players News Episode 176: New and Improved Pineleaf


This week we add a new member to the LPN team and have a guest from LOTRO Academy.

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: November 11th-17th

Poll: How Many More Doors Until Mordor?

LOTRO Academy: After School – Episode 11

The Family Line Part 108 – The Dream Before the Awakening

Critters Journey [47] Balrog? Must be critters

Poems of the Pine: Snows of Wildermore





  • Purchased the Isengard expansion on my F2P account today… that is the 3rd Expac on pure in-game earned TP.
  • Chased Bingo all over the Fanged Pit, caused a bit of a ruckus with the local merroval population.
  • Did some deeding on my hunter in the LL that helped with the TP for the Isengard purchase.



  • I got to kill Roving Threats in Angmar with the Grrlz of Middle-Earth
  • Started Dol Amroth dailies
  • Healed for a group of level 50s on the LOTRO Academy field trip in Carn Dum and helped defeat Helchgam–and avoided the Carn Dum day spa



  • Streamed with Bludborn



  • Forte’s Academy of Music November semester kicked off
  • Joined the Official LOTROStream team and launched Adventures with Bounder Bababile
  • No longer lost in the Quest string for Main Eratimus



  • Concluded the Update 19 epic story on Laurelin
  • Started a new series with a Champion. This will be a skirmish-free series.
  • On Gladden, my Beorning finished up the Pavilion quests. As for a certain instance at the end, one of my allies only had a sliver or morale at the end.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: A Simple Walk Into Mordor

The One Ring Bundle Of Holding


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Barnabras writes:

“Hey do Andang!
I fired up an old LPN podcast today and realized, I’ve been listening to LPN for over 2 years!  Keep up the good work on your way to 200!  On a side note, is Ethelros podcasting anymore?  I always thought he had an interesting take, and point of view with his question of the week.

Merryrose writes:

“Dear Lotro Players,
In regards to the Finesse stats, I am a red line minstrel almost maxed points in the Warrior Skald trait tree. I am still learning my class so if there is someone who also responds who has played for 7+ years, please use their input 1st. I still feel very much like a newbie.

Under the 4th level of the tree is the option to put 5 points into Finesse. I had no idea what that was at the time but I noticed the more points I put in it, the harder it was to get killed. I consider it to be like a 2nd buff like Fate. Invisible at 1st until taking points out of Finesse & putting into something else. I did that & quickly put my 5 points back into Finesse.
When I look at my Show All Stats screen, it says it:
1) Reduces opponent’s resistance by 20.3% (for lvl 79)
2) Reduces block, parry, & evade by same %age.

Hope this helps,
Merryrose Morningsong”

Ben writes:

“It has been quite a few months since I have replied to a podcast.  
I am normally a week or so behind your guys podcast but I just want to inform you that even though there are those of us behind your podcasts they are very useful to us.
Between the great information and the giggles I can’t wait til I play the next one.  

Last time I wrote I told you (embarrassed at the time) how I was invited into a group then was kicked while being told to learn my class.
I was on the verge of quitting Lotro right then when I wrote you guys about my situation.  
You guys informed me how I just got with the wrong group and those are the type of people I wouldn’t want to even group with in the long run.
You suggested (even though I was a more solo type player than group) that a kin could help.  You guys were RIGHT!  I joined a grate kin that helps each other whenever possible.
I am lvl 105 now even though not fully geared but it is a work in progress.  I am having a blast running and meeting new people all the time.  The kin even has to put up with me in TeamSpeak (sorry about their luck lol).  

I just wanted to let each of you know that even though you might not realize it that you have had a big influence on my kin and me personally.  TYVM.

Now that all the sappiness is over with get on with the show!!”

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